Dr. Seth Gillihan Psychologist- Two years later, one blog series

On this bonus episode, Dr. Seth Gillihan and I catch-up and reminisce about the good ole days of running together in Philadelphia and the fact that he is so enlighted that his feet do not even hit the ground when he runs. We focus today is about a three-part blog he wrote that focuses on the use of Cognitive-Behavioral Theory. The blog series focuses on the concept of Think, Act, Be in the workplace. Here is a sample: “There’s a story I sometimes tell about a young man’s self-hating thoughts. It wouldn’t take much to trigger them. Even opening the refrigerator and finding very little to eat could do it. I’m such a loser, he thought to himself as he closed the refrigerator door, frustrated with himself for being the kind of person who has little food in the house.” Read the full article here: www.drjameskelley.com/single-post/20…r-Thought-Life

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