The Dai Stablecoin is a Game Changer for Ethereum and the Entire Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Why Dai is a Game Changer

How Dai Works

What is Dai?

How is Dai Created?

Creating Dai is complex — why would anyone do this? Can’t I just buy Dai on an exchange?

How does Dai ensure that the value is always $1 USD?

What if the ETH price crashes? Won’t the whole system fail?

How is the price of ETH known? I thought this system was decentralized?

What is the purpose of the Maker token? It doesn’t seem like you need it to create or spend Dai…

Why is ETH the collateral? Why not another ERC20 token?

Why is Dai pegged to USD? Why not the Euro or Swiss Franc?





CTO @ AirFox

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James Seibel

James Seibel

CTO @ AirFox

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