They Met at Sea


Baltimore — Port Canaveral — Nassau — Freeport

What a Ship (boat)!

After spending the winter trying to convince my friends that we should all go backpacking through Europe during Spring Break, we eventually agreed to book the cheapest cruise that left a port only 30 minutes from Frederick, MD. Not quite Europe, but the open seas were calling our names, so we set out on March 18, 2012 for adventure and glory.

The Crew consisted of myself, Jared (JTC), Shaun (Kawasaki Ninja), and Thomas (TomCat).


As you can guess, we were well behaved and very courteous to our fellow shipmates. This lead to us meeting many other groups who really enjoyed our company. One group specifically enjoyed our wit, humor, and Listerine-Free alcohol so much, they invited us to their cabin. This group went by the name, “Team Starfish”.

Team Starfish (Colette, Jeff, Marissa, Chris, Nina, Jessica)

Days were spent on the deck enjoying fifths of Fosters and nights were spent at Beauties Night Club where Jared made it rain double Crown and Cokes.

By the 3rd day of the cruise, Colette and I had become a pair. We enjoyed talking about our travel folders, dogs, and plans for the future. We continued spending time together throughout the rest of the trip.

Inseparable from the start

Like all good things, this too came to an end. We packed our bags and headed our separate ways with promises to see each other again soon. The cruise may have ended, but we were just getting started.

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