In our previous blog post we spoke to Leo Liang, GNY’s Head of Blockchain, about GNY’s current progress towards Mainnet, and the consensus model the team is implementing. Now in the second part of our interview we look towards the near future and ask Leo about some of the hotly anticipated technical milestones on the horizon.

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Leo Liang, GNY’s Head of Blockchain.

Leo, once again thank you for taking time out of your blockchain development schedule to talk with us and our community about what’s next for GNY.

Question 1. We know that you were very influential in the concept and development of sidechain tech in previous projects. A lot of community members and project leaders are very interested in our upcoming sidechains, because they want to build projects on the GNY platform, and even launch their own tokens.


GNY uses blockchain technology to deliver a secure, collaborative platform for machine learning, data capture and analysis.

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