Call in designers to make sense of the overload of murky COVID guidance

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The PATH train station at New York’s World Trade Center (Santiago Calatrava, architect). A tourist magnet when photographed, passing through induces anxiety now, thanks to the coronavirus.

By now, most of us have developed a feeling for the six-foot separation that is our most potent weapon against COVID-19. Fewer of us know how to dodge a lot of people coming at us inside these invisible bubbles. We find ourselves in a drunken dance down the sidewalk. Drag that bubble with us onto a bus? Through an airport? You’re kidding me.

Our new spatial reality puts us in the realm of architecture, which is the shaping of space. …

James S. Russell

An independent journalist focusing on architecture and cities. Author of The Agile City: Building Well Being and Wealth in an Era of Climate Change.

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