A Letter To My Daughter

Dearest daughter,

I knew this time would come. It seems like it was only yesterday your mom called me at work to let me know her water broke. I drove like Batman weaving in and out of traffic to get to her, so I could help bring you into this world. I remember holding you and singing to you for an entire hour while the doctor and nurses cared for your mom. I knew right then and there that my life would be forever changed for the better. With just a blink of an eye you are now only days away from becoming a teenager. The BIG 13!

It has been an honor to watch your life unfold right before my eyes. I’ve always appreciated your “go with the flow” demeanor and your silliness constantly reminds me that you are my daughter.

Almost any and every challenge that comes your way, you seem to smash right through. You always kick butt in school and you’re just so ridiculously beautiful, I can’t stand it! I love how affectionate you are and how kind you are to those around you.

Most of all, I am so proud of how you are not easily swayed into fitting in. You stand out my love, just by being you. You have come a long way and I am now realizing that in just five years, you will be on your way to being fully independent and out of the house, ready to take on the world. Wow!

It is clear to see you are becoming more and more independent everyday, and though I am happy to see you grow, I can’t help but feel a little sad because well, you won’t need me as much. I heard once that parenthood is the process of holding on and letting go at the same time. I couldn’t agree more.

I pray that you don’t stray too far from the person you are now. You’re amazing, and I am blessed to have you as a daughter. I know there will be new experiences and of course, boys. Man, they are already knocking on the door. Was thinking I’d give your Godfather a call. There’s a reason why they call him 1 TON. Mom and I chose wisely.

So what can I give to you to guide you in this next phase of your life? Here are a list of things I thought might help you along the way:

1. Golden Rule: Continue to treat others the way you want to be treated.

2. Listen to your complaints about others. Ask yourself if you are bringing to the table what you need from others. If not then make the necessary changes. Nobody likes a complainer.

3. Question everything until you completely understand what it is you need to understand.

4. Self Worth: Have respect for yourself. If you don’t then some people will treat you like a doormat and walk all over you.

5. Be selfish as long as you can. Not in the sense that you are constantly thinking about yourself, but in the way that YOUR happiness comes first. Then share that happiness with others.

6. Don’t rely on external things or others to bring you happiness. Happiness is an inside job.

7. Care about your health. Be conscious of what you put into your body. Remember health is your greatest asset. You cannot bring value to anyone or anything if you are not healthy.

8. Be honest with others, but most importantly be honest with yourself.

9. It’s great to dream, but even greater to live out your dreams, so figure out a way to live a life with passion and purpose.

10. When going into new experiences or relationships, instead of asking, “What can I get out of it?”, ask yourself, “What can I give or add to this experience to make it better?”

11. Emotional intelligence is far more important than just intelligence.

12. Do more than what is asked of you no matter what it is.

13. Work hard. Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re doing what you love to do.

14. Figure out your own meaning of success.

15. Make mistakes, but try not make the one’s that cost money.

16. Love is ALWAYS the answer. Period.

17. Walking away is not the same thing as giving up.

18. The universe moves when you move, so take action. Especially when it comes to your passion.

19. If it doesn’t feel right then nine times out of ten it’s not. Listen to your gut. Doing the right thing is always the right thing.

20. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate it all! Life is a gift, my love.

I know this next phase of your life will bring some spectacular moments, as well as some serious challenges. I know that I will need to give you your space(you might’ve noticed I’ve been practicing), so you can figure out who YOU are. I just want you to ALWAYS know that no matter what, I am ALWAYS here for you. I love you to the moon and back kid… and then some. I couldn’t be more proud of the young woman you are becoming. Thank you for choosing me as your daddy. GO GET ‘EM!

Love Always,