We Try And That’s What Makes All The Difference

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In order to try something, we have to care. We have to care enough to keep plugging away until our desired result is achieved. To maintain that result we have to keep trying. If THAT something doesn’t motivate us enough to care then we usually stop trying, give up and are on to the next; whatever that may be.

When I reflect on the relationship I have with my partner, I realize there is one thing that keeps our boat afloat. We try. Now it’s not always cake and ice cream. Like most relationships, we have our ups and downs. I am happy to say we’ve had more ups than downs. I’m digging our ratio, babe!

When two people come together and decide to share a life with one another, they are not only sharing the day to day, they are also sharing all that came before the relationship too. For instance, we all have past experiences which includes upbringing, achievements, expectations and past hurts. Feel free to add more. Most of us call this “baggage.” Good or bad, it’s what we bring along the way.

This “baggage” has its positive and negative influences on a relationship. My positives might be my ambition and zest for life, as well as my affectionate demeanor. These attributes have worked in the past for me and continue to. My negatives, however, might be the way I argue or my need to be right.

If we are lucky enough, we come across someone who challenges us to be better. If we are lucky enough, we come across someone who presents us with an opportunity to CARE enough to want to work out those kinks that don’t seem to benefit the relationship, or our individual lives for that matter. On a side note, studies have shown that people who care for others also live longer. So be grateful when someone inspires you enough to care.

For the record, I believe WE are all lucky enough because we possess the power to create our own luck. Perhaps that is a great topic for another article.

The idea of trying transcends out to many facets of our lives, no? What about parenthood? Or friendship? What about justice or equality? What about community and education? What about our dreams? See where I’m going? I hope so.

In order to achieve our desired results in life, we have to care. When we care, we try. And that, my beloved friends, is what makes all the difference.

So get real with yourself for a moment and ask yourself, do you care enough to try to be a better partner? Do you care enough to try to be a better parent? Do you care enough to try to be a better friend? Do you care enough to try to be a better person? Do you care enough to try to make your dreams an everyday reality? Do you care enough to try to_________________?

If so, then hoist the sails and catch wind and move forward toward becoming the best you ever. If I can do it, WE can do it.

Positively yours,



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