Wouldn’t Change A Thing!

For those who have been following my journey from the get, you already know that music has always been my original passion. I continue to be humbled by all your love and support. It certainly has been a ride and I thank you for sticking by me. I wouldn’t change a thing!

For those who have just joined us, you’re in for a treat. Means a lot that you’ve come aboard and will allow me to share my journey with you. I think you’ll find that we are more connected than we know. This Positively James thing somehow makes my life matter. One word at a time, I suppose. Yet, it’s something I began for all of us. It’s something I created in hopes to get people thinking, feeling and living better. I am beyond blessed to be able to share this process with you by putting all my God given talents to the test. So without any further ado, I give you “James David!” Enjoy the music video!

Positively yours,

James “David” Calderon

Wow! You read this and watched the music video, and for that I appreciate you! If you enjoy picking up what I’m putting down, do me a favor and fill that ❤ below with greenery. It means the world to me and helps me spread the message.

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