Paul Ryan the Jackass in Elephant’s Clothing

How Paul Ryan has been undermining Trump since day 1…

Paul Ryan does a great job of putting on a show of solidarity, based on how he plays it off to the media and his base. But he’s nothing more than another opposing force that is trying to undermine Trump whenever he can. Whether it be the Travel Ban, Tax Reform, Healthcare and foreign policy. Paul Ryan recently and this comes from a very trusted source of mine is upset that Trump is going to compromise with the Freedom Caucus on Healthcare, Paul Ryan is furious because it brings a lot of changes that he is 100% against. Paul Ryan has been pushing “Better Way” for well over a year now, he sees this as cementing his legacy…but little does he know that his ideas and proposals aren’t that much different then the Big Government ideas that the left comes up with.

Ryan is no friend of Trump, Trump would be smart to oust him or his agenda will never see the light of day, Paul Ryan is working closely with McCain, McConnell and Graham to undermine Trump’s agenda. They all are against the proposed changes to Government that Trump wants to fulfill. We as supporters need to push for a replacement, unless we are totally fine with wasting the opportunity of bringing real change to government. We have become complacent and lazy after the election win, but this current situation is only going to worsen and we must do our due diligence to OUST RYAN.

You don’t have to believe me, I don’t expect many to but I can tell you right now Ryan is not going to allow a compromise on Healthcare..He more than likely won’t even allow a 2nd vote on it. Ryan will make up some poor excuse that the new plan doesn’t have enough votes and Trump will listen to him. Ryan is toxic and we should have been more vigilant on our attempts to bring him down, now we risk Trump’s presidency being undermined by a Cuck who does not hold the same interests as we do, he is a great actor..I’ll give him that but I couldn’t sit back any longer and remain quiet. I needed to bring this to the forefront. We must fight and we must not become complacent. Remember what we did this election, remember the power we showed, let’s do our best to show that power by protecting Trump from the Democrat in hiding Ryan and expose him for the fraud that he is.

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