1. http://www.luciekoldova.com/

The font is simplistic and clean to match the flow of the website. Easy to read, slim and pleasing to the eye.

2) http://www.balsan.fr/

This typeface gives a classy look which in turn gives the brand a good image. The look of class from the font would make me more likely to buy from this manufacturer than another.

3) http://kraud.de/

This font matches the modern and minimalistic style of the website. The font also compliments the modern furniture and overall look of the website.

4) https://caavadesign.com/

This site has several typefaces that are creative and draw the eye. On the cover page the font gives a kind of retro look and lower down the page there are several fonts that are well matched to the images behind them.

5) http://aftershock.cc/

This typeface drew my eye because of the psychedelic font. The contrasting colours really makes this font pop to the eye.