Task: The task for project 2 was to design the UI for a breakfast/brunch app. The purpose for this project was to design something that was on brand and would attract a user to download the app.

Process: To begin designing this app I first tried to discover the UI elements of why someone would want to use the Breakie app. After teasing out the UI from the UX incentives I discovered that people would want to use this app to experience brunch with friends in a new but familiar way. Users would use this app because it captures the feelings of unity and bonding over brunch with friends. The app also helps users to explore new lunch locations all over Vancouver and invite their friends to join them. The mood that I intended to create was something lighthearted, engaging and welcoming. In my mood board this atmosphere was created through light colours like blue, light yellow and a watermelon red. Imagery in the mood board included fruits, pancakes, sweets and people eating and enjoying meals together. The use of space in this app was meant to be uncluttered and simple. Having a simple outlay complimented the use of bright colours and did not make the experience too busy. The shapes in the app were scaled towards being round and not unobtrusive. Text boxes and buttons were rounded which coupled well with the Reklaim Script that was used for the logo, buttons and the headers in the app. The bodies of text were set in the more simple typeface Lucida Grande which is more legible for large amounts of text. Finally the movement through the app was a smooth experience with a natural flow through each screen. Should there be any animations added to the app they should follow in the same style.

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