Tourism Campaign: Monaco


The Goal of this project was to create a campaign that promotes tourism in a country of our choosing. We were to create a strong visual brand identity that was engaging, recognizable and met business goals of marketing and promotional materials.


As this was an individual project and we were given a lot of freedom to explore our art directions my first step in the project was to find a location that inspired me. Last year I was fortunate enough to visit 15 countries so I had a lot of recent experiences to draw from. For a few years I have been wanting to visit Monaco so I made a conscious effort to incorporate that into my Europe trip. Driving from Italy through France we finally ended up in Nice and took the train in to Monaco. This little country has many intriguing facts about it that make it very unique. It is the second smallest country in the world (after the Vatican), it is the most densely populated country, the lowest rate of poverty, highest life expectancy and 30% of its population is made up of millionaires and billionaires. After arriving in the train station and walking the streets I soon realized that Monaco is a little micro climate all to itself. It was almost as if we had put our Europe explorations on hold and entered a daydream in another world. This idea of a living a daydream became a concept that I really connected with and developed thorough my process designing the campaign.

After choosing Monaco as my tourism location I began the process of determining why someone would want to visit Monaco and the site that I was going to create. Firstly, I selected the target demographic that I was catering to and decided upon males and females ages 20 to 30 who are traveling Europe and are interested in visiting Monaco. The question as to why they would want to visit came down to the same reasons as to why I was so inspired by Monaco. The luxury, relaxation and high life that transfers you to you daydreams of being vastly wealthy would be the device I would use in my campaign to draw in others.

Keeping in mind my own experiences in Monaco, the mood that I wanted to create was something that made the user feel relaxed and at ease. Monaco is known for its luxury and highlife so I wanted the site to be as stress free as possible with a tone of luxury as well. As Monaco has been a hot spot for the rich and famous since the mid 1920’s and its high profile Formula 1 race that winds right through the city it was also important for me to reflect this more vintage mood.

From exploring these moods I created 2 art directions that I used to start exploring what Monaco represents visually. The first art direction that I created really hit on the luxury and high life aspect of Monaco. The imagery that I used was that of yachts, architecture as well as relaxation images. After creating this mood board I did think I had captured the high life and relaxation mood however, I thought that it lacked its own personality and character.

Monaco has so much character packed in to such a small area I decided that I really need to create a mood board that reflected the real personality Monaco holds. I was very inspired by the vintage 60’s Formula 1 posters that were in the original mood board. After doing some more research on them I found that they were quite common in advertisement for the F1 in Monaco. The posters to me conveyed such prestige and excitement that I knew they represented the whole of Monaco as well. In my search for similar images to the F1 posters I came across images of Capri Italy in the similar vintage style. I knew that this art direction was on the right track because Capri has a similar reputation to Monaco for luxury and high life. This second mood board had much more character captured much better the vibe that I wanted to present. In addition, my peers also agreed that this art direction was much more engaging.

After establishing my art direction I turned my attention to the logo and typefaces that I wanted to use. I briefly explored using palm fronds that had Cutout and Drybrush filters applied in photoshop but as I wanted the site to be very photo based the logo did not compliment well with all the photos. As time was very limited for this project I chose to use a type logo for the site which ended up being very successful in capturing the luxury of Monaco. I first did some research into luxury brands and what kind of typefaces that they use to represent their brand. Drawing inspirations from Chanel, D&G and Bentley I spent some time searching for sans sarif typefaces that conveyed that same high status. Josefin Sans was my selection for the Monaco logo which can be seen in white in the top navigation.

For they body text and slogan text I chose to use Raleway as a pairing with the logo typeface. The two typefaces together create a strong base brand identity. Raleway is a very legible typeface which is always important when selecting a body text. While being easy to read Raleway does not lose any character, it has many flares like the W and the L that give it a personality all of it’s own.

Having the mood and type established I chose to focus on the imagery that would be in the site. I wanted to have a large hero image and have the user meet with the slogan “live your daydream” to really have an impactful impression when they enter the site. It was important that user immediately feels like they have been transported to Monaco and into their daydream. I used royalty free images of Monaco from which was a great resource for the impressive images on the site. I then applied the same filters Cutout and Drybrush to the images to create the same type of vintage poster style found in the moodboard.

The final aspect to my site was an interactive map that the user could use to plan their day in Monaco and explore the country end to end. The map is a similar route to the one that I took when I was visiting and the tourist can easily take their time and see all the highlights in one day. I traced the map in illustrator and then applied the colours of the Monaco flag to the map. The copy in the site was a combination of my own writing and that of Wikipedia for the information on the locations.


This was a very unique project to work on as we had complete freedom in terms of our content and art direction. If it were to be developed and made into a real site I would have liked to add more pages to the site and continue to develop on the branding of the site. However with the limited amount of time given for this project I did created a strong visual identity for Monaco. The unique vintage poster art direction is memorable to anyone who has visited the site and is distinct from any other tourism campaign. This was a very enjoyable final project for my UI program wherein I really got to apply the skills I have learned in the past 13 weeks. I still have a long way to go in my design skills but to see the progress that I have made is both exciting and encouraging.

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