10 Best RV Slide Toppers In 2019 For Your Camper or Travel Trailer

James Carter
Jul 8 · 6 min read

Summer has arrived and it seems to come in strongly. The first effects are already being seen throughout the planet. The rain, the storms, winds, and the grey days begin to be a part. For adventurers, this will not be a problem since camping during the summer is also a great experience. However, if you belong to the group of those who leave the caravan or camper trailer van parked during this season, you may suffer some other setback. It is very common that, during periods of low activity hiker, your vehicles are spoiled by the climatic changes.

How to cover your camper, travel trailer slide-out?

Something very recurrent in the hot season and when you do not use the trailers is that these are affected by drought. As you know, this is one of the worst problems we can have because if this affects the internal structure of the vehicle will force us to get reforms, which are not only expensive but also complicated to do. So that this summer you are fully prepared to avoid this setback with the help of the best RV slide topper or cover. It’s time to grab your RV slide-out covers that cover and protect the RV slide-outs in any weather conditions.

What is an RV slide cover for?

RV slide covers offer full protection of the vehicle when it is parked, especially outdoors, although in a private garage they can also be useful if they are to be kept for a while without moving (they avoid the accumulation of dust on the outside). If you know its uses and advantages you can go directly to the list of the most sold or most valued.

RV slide covers are generic elements, valid for all types of RV vehicles depending only on their size (which will be what you have to take into account when buying a car cover). They are waterproof with massive protection against rain to avoid stains when four drops fall.

RV slide topper protects your camper vans completely from the roof. There are also covering a specific part (usually the entire glazed area, leaving out the hoods and half a door, or just the front windshield). By the way, if you do not end up using a slide cover especially in winter, you will end using a scraper and keep your hands frozen.

RV slide covers come to different sizes and are valid for utilities to help reflect solar radiation and maintain a lower temperature inside the van. It has elastic bands for a correct fit. However, its material is somewhat thick, so it is more useful against dust (in a garage for example) and to avoid rain and other inclement weather. We recommend reading the comments of the clients to get an idea of what measure will be the most appropriate, in them you will find many experiences with different models. It has a hole on each side to put a grip to prevent it from flying or stealing. Unlike the few those did not have a specific space for the rear-view mirrors. A universal RV slide cover of good quality is recommended.

Why use RV slide toppers?

RV slide toppers are placed on top of the camper vans, trailers every time it is parked, but its uses and advantages are much greater. Other problems can be the use in adverse meteorological conditions such as strong winds, especially in those that have no support or anti-theft system that prevent them from getting up. However, a slide cover will prevent dirt from the street, especially if it is parked under trees, the dust in the air (or a neighbor who shakes a carpet in the window). The best part is that it is also waterproof, so the vehicle is protected from rain and dew droplets when it is not very copious.

Protection against heat, cold and frost

When completely covered, the sun will not be able to reach the RV slide topper, offering complete protection against heat. Keep in mind that they are semi-closed, but with openings that allow some air movement to let out the accumulated heat and keeping the vehicle separated from the sun’s rays. By the same principles, in winter, your van will be protected from the cold better than without any protective canvas. The icy air will not touch the sheet best RV slide covers directly, which will help maintain a warmer temperature both outside and inside. As for the frost, and the annoying frost, the toppers will also work perfectly, preventing your car from getting covered in ice.

Also, keep in mind that a vehicle that every day is parked in the sun will damage the paint in a few years very noticeably, discoloring and forming bubbles in the varnish until getting up. With a slide cover, you can avoid or minimize the damage caused. For all these reasons, whoever wants the most protection for their vehicle outside of a private garage should opt for one of the RV slide covers.

Anti-humidity RV slide topper

Of course, this measure should only be taken if the caravan is covered with a breathable plastic. In the event that you do not cover it, do not leave the aerators open either, since through these the water will be filtered and all the previous measures will not serve you at all.

How to install an RV Topper

If your RV has a folding compartment, a room that slides off one side of the RV, you can benefit from an RV slide topper. It is an awning installed so that the base of the awning is attached to the RV side above the sliding panel. The lower part of the awning is attached to the upper part of the folding compartment so that when the sliding room is opened, the awning was opened with it. The awning is provided with a cover for the lid of the folding compartment, keeping the leaves, dust and dirt from the track and the mechanism inside the folding compartment.

If you are looking for how to buy the best RV slide covers, you have come to the right place, because here you will find everything you need to know to make a good purchase. When buying it, you can choose between different sizes. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you must buy one or the other. Here are the 10 Best RV slide toppers to buy in 2019. Each cover stands out for having more than enough dimensions to be able to protect the campers without problems, at the same time that it has a fairly cheap price for its quality.

1. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

2. ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Cover

3. Camco Ultraguard Class C Travel Trailer Cover

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

5. iiSPORT Travel Trailer Cover

6. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover

7. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 1 Travel Trailer RV Cover

8. Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

9. ADCO Designer Series DuPont Tyvek Class C Motorhome Cover

10. ADCO 34858 Designer Series DuPont Tyvek Fifth Wheel Trailer Cover

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