A New Beginning

Here’s to a new season of writing. I’ve seen so many things on Medium this past year and finally looked up what the hype was about. I even clicked “Learn more” and watched the video. It didn’t help too much, but I think had already decided that I would make an account.

A few things I am excited for:

  1. The network. Clearly there are so many people who use this as source of information. There is an increasing number of opinions on this network. More and more of my friends are using this to write and share their thoughts and it has honestly helped me to get to know them better.
  2. Interface. I love aesthetics. Simplicity. Focus. Even the company was able to snag a simple brand that marketed really well. What was “Medium” before this?
  3. The novelty. Sorry Wordpress. It’s too much stress going back to you every 3 months and wanting a different minimalist theme. It’s better if I don’t even have the option.

Will I keep writing and sharing? Who knows. I’m fickle. There’s always another hobby. Pastures are always greener when other people look like they’re more fulfilled.

But for now, I’ll do my best to be diligent and disciplined. I’m quite satisfied with my thoughts looking more professional here.

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