Thinking about outsourcing sales?

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Where do you get your sales leads? More often than not, they can be the result of luck rather than judgement: a chance meeting, word of mouth through a long chain, an enquiry. Obviously, any lead is a good thing, and ad hoc sales should not be ignored, but wouldn’t it be better for the majority of your leads to be part of a strategy?

That can be easier said than done. Motorsport is a very niche industry, and it takes time to build up the knowledge and contacts that can make lead generation easier. In-house sales and marketing teams do not tend to have enough time to dedicate to building relationships that generate motorsport sales leads. They are busy producing the marketing collateral or following existing leads. Wouldn’t it better to outsource sales lead generation to an external company?

A dedicated sales team

The first thought is probably not — after all, no-one knows the company’s products like their employees, and they also have the emotional investment. However, a third party company can provide a dedicated service, without the distractions of the in-house sales teams other responsibilities. So regarding emotional involvement, often they can also provide a clarity of vision — which in no way diminishes their ability to work productively for the company.

Specialists in Motorsport

Taking on the services of a company who provide direct access to the main players within the motorsport industry can easily outweigh any concerns. The third party sales team are still responsible to you. While you may have sales specialists, they are unlikely to be sales specialists in the motorsport world, and they will need to be trained up. It makes staff turnover less of an issue too, along with skills retention.

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