Top three telephone tips: how phone calls can work for your lead generation

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Phone calls — both cold calling and when nurturing leads — are a central part of lead generation activity, but it is also important to execute this part of your strategy with great care, such is the potential for failure. As part of our methodology to win business in motorsport and create repeat customers, phone calls are an essential element of the process, so here are our top three tips on handling leads over the telephone:

1. Remember, you might be interrupting

A hard truth of lead generation is that you might be interrupting something that is taking place in your contact’s working day — their lunch in some cases! That’s why you need the knowledge of when is the right time to call, such as getting notifications when they are reading your emails, viewing a document, or visiting your website. On the call, you should keep things concise, honest and polite, introducing yourself, explaining your reason for calling, and if possible asking for 30 seconds to a minute of the contact’s time to buy yourself some leeway. Obviously, you hope that the call will turn out to be longer.

2. Use your time wisely

With this tight window of time in mind, it is important to use it wisely. This means taking the pyramid approach and imparting with the information you think will have the most impact first. Think of it as a newspaper article — the most interesting piece of news invariably comes at the top of the piece, with the finer details towards the bottom.

3. Find common ground

Start by finding a common connection with your contact and use it during your introduction. Even if you don’t have a direct link to them or their company, maybe there is a service or product they provide which has perked your interest and has some crossover with some work you’ve done before. The more you can do to establish yourself during the conversation and encourage some trust between you and the contact, the better.

You may have noticed all three techniques are present in everyday conversations, and that is what the best lead generation calls turn out to be like — try and get a normal chat going!

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