What do sales staff want when looking for a job at a new company?

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Although your sales figures are up and your team are performing well, you still have to consider staff retention. We know that staff turnover can be a common problem within sales teams, but considering what staff are looking for when they join a new company may encourage them to stay at yours long term.

Sales staff want to progress

27%, and therefore the majority of respondents surveyed * named ‘Opportunities for growth’ as the most important factor to consider when looking for a job at a new company. ‘Work-life balance’ was second place with 15%, while ‘Perks’ such as tuition and childcare were bottom with just 1%.

The survey’s findings show that offering your employees perks will not necessarily incentivise them to stay at your company; sales team members primarily want to advance their career. Therefore, if a sales position came along that offers the chance to progress, the team member would be encouraged to remain at your company long term.

Create new roles

However, this doesn’t mean that everyone can be a team leader or a manager. Aside from the fact that having too many sales managers and not enough team members to lead would not work, as HubSpot say, ‘not every rock star is cut out to be a manager’. Yet this doesn’t mean that you should keep those who are keen to progress in the same role forever. Creating other positions within your company will encourage team members to work hard so that they can be recognised for their success.

New positions could involve mentoring new sales reps, training those who have been at the company for a while to help them improve their performance, and adding more responsibility to the role they already have; for instance, a sales associate could become a senior sales associate.

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* HubSpot’s 2015 State of Inbound Report

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