10 Local SEO Hacks That Any Business Can Use — Infographic

James Reynolds

No business today can compete without a focus on local SEO. For smaller businesses, optimising local SEO can improve brand visibility and lead to more website traffic, leads, and acquisitions.

Without local search, smaller businesses cannot effectively compete against larger brands.

For local businesses still unconvinced with the importance of local SEO, here are a few stats:

  • 4 in 5 consumers use local search to find information
  • 50 percent of smartphone users who use local search visited a store on the same day
  • 34 percent of desktop and tablet users who use local search visited a store on the same day
  • 46% of searches are local searches
  • Over 60 percent of consumer engage with location-based ads

As evident above, more and more consumers are turning to local search to find solutions for their problems. Consumers prefer local search. Not only that, local searchers take action, resulting in more purchases.

But, local search is extremely competitive. There’s limited online real estate for location-based searches. And every local business is vying for a larger piece of the marketplace.

So what can you do besides claiming your Google My Business listing?

Here are 10 covert local SEO hacks you can use today to help your business increase its visibility in local search results and bring in more potential customers.

While there’s not hack for immediate results, these 10 actionable local SEO tips will make great improvements to your organic search rankings. By using one or a combination of these local SEO hacks, you make it easier for your potential customers to find your business.

If your business has a solid strategic approach to local SEO, you increase the opportunities your business has to get found first in Google’s local search results.

At SEO Sherpa, we only use 100% handcrafted organic SEO techniques to help your website rank at the top of local search results. With our years of experience, you can be confident of winning results.

Want to see these local SEO hacks in action? Watch this video:

What local SEO hack are you excited to try? What other local SEO tips have you tried in the past? Did they work? Share your experiences with local SEO in the comments below.

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James Reynolds

Written by

Founder of SEO Sherpa; MENA’s Best Large SEO Agency. Contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur. Learn more at https://seosherpa.com

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