The history of golf game and American Golf vouchers

The golf game gained its popularity in the beginning of the 19th century. The origin of this game is still a matter of debate. It has been started in the England centuries ago and then slowly spread to other parts of the world. It is extremely popular in the United States of America and United Kingdom. It is generally considered as the Scotland is the region where the game is originated. Ladies golf club came into existence in the year 1950. Golf is a game played with a ball and a bent stick used to throw the ball across different holes. The place where the game is played is known as “Teeing ground”. Two types of matches are played in the game of golf; one is by counting number of strokes used to put the ball in the hole or putting green in golf terms. The other one match is decided by the number of holes won by the player. Even though there are set of rules to be followed, there are few rules which are not strictly maintained, but it has been considered as game etiquettes to follow whenever a game of golf is played.
Before the beginning of the game, the player should know some of the basic terms, so that he can understand the game better. In order to enjoy the game and play it very well, it is necessary to understand these basic terms of the play. Aspirants should join any golf association to learn the game. Nowadays there are plenty of online resources available for beginners who wish to play the game. There is nothing like practical experience. Unless you are in the field and experience the thrill of the game, you will never enjoy the game. To learn, to understand and to defeat your opponent it is necessary to understand the different equipments the techniques. 
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