10 Reasons why I am like Dr Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite television shows in recent years, it combines great writing and entertaining characters with science, sci-fi and romantic relationships. As I watched several series of the show with my friends they frequently remarked on how Dr Sheldon Cooper and I share many personality traits. Therefore, I was inspired to put together a list of examples of how Sheldon and I are alike which I have captured in this post.

1: Sheldon likes his clothes neatly folded

I will freely admit to being a neat freak and that I take great satisfaction in having my home, clothes and possessions ordered and arranged in a logical sequence. Mess, a lack of symmetry and unnecessary clutter all make me stressed and unhappy. This also applies to my wardrobe, so you can imagine how impressed I was to see Sheldon using a gadget to ensure that all of his clothes were neatly folded in exactly the same dimensions. I really need to order one of these clothes folders to make laundry day even more pleasurable. (Season 2 Episode 1 — The Bad Fish Paradigm)

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2: Sheldon does not like to be late for the cinema

I pride myself on never being late for work meetings or personal appointments, and find that being late for either causes a heighten level of stress. In particular I really dislike being late when going to the cinema, and really cannot understand why people turn up 5 minutes after the movie has started. I always like to get to the cinema early so that I can select the best location to sit in. Now that many cinemas allow you to pre-select your seats when booking on-line this has become less of an issue, but I still don’t like to be late. (Season 4 Episode 8 — The 21 Second Excitation)

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3: Sheldon does not tolerate old people who cannot use computers

It may come from many many years of providing IT support to my parents, and my parent’s friends, but I have a very low tolerance for people who cannot use modern technology. Despite having spent over a decade working as an IT consultant for one of the largest professional services companies in the world, my parents still seem to think that what I actually do is work on an IT help desk. My parents can follow the exact steps that have have been written down for them, but despite multiple training sessions and buying them several “Dummies” guides the first thing they do when anything stops working is pick up the phone and call me. (Season 4 Episode 12 —The Bus Pants Utilization)

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4: Sheldon does not like going to hospital

I have a strong dislike for all things medical and for hospitals in particular. I think this probably comes from visiting my grandparents in hospital wards as a young child, and associating hospitals with sickness and unfortunately in several cases death. My girlfriend could happily eat her dinner while watching brain surgery on television, but I have a rather more sensitive (she would say squeamish) constitution that you will discover more about in the next section. (Season 4 Episode 23 — The Engagement Reaction)

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5: Sheldon faints at the sign of his own blood

Building on my aversion to hospitals I am also not good with the sight of my own blood. As a child I cut my finger while building a radio controlled car and passed out on the kitchen floor. More recently I needed to have a blood test, and unfortunately passed out again, this time in the doctors surgery as the blood sample was being taken. From my personal perspective my own blood is best kept inside my body where I cannot see it. (Season 5 Episode 16 — The Vacation Solution)

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6: Sheldon likes his collectible toys Mint In Box (MIB)

Being a Sci-Fi fan I have a small but growing collection of Star Wars figures and vehicles that are all Mint In Box (MIB). On many occasions my girlfriend has encouraged me to open some of my toys so that I can play with them, just as Penny did with Sheldon and Leonard in this episode. But to me this just feels wrong. I don’t think it is all down to the negative financial impact on the value of the toys that opening them would have. Most of the toys that I own were manufactured in the last 10 years in large volumes, so none of them are actually that rare or valuable. I think it has more to do with appreciating them displayed in the packing, exactly as they left the factory which reminds me of “Stinky Pete the Prospector” from Toy Story 2. On occasion I have actually purchased two of the same toy, one to play with and one to keep MIB. This is probably the best approach, but one that makes an extra ask both financially and on storage space. (Season 5 Episode 20 — The Transporter Malfunction)

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7: Sheldon is not that kind of doctor

I was awarded a PhD in Tablet Computing from the University of Salford in the UK following almost 4 years of intensive academic work. I only use “Dr” title very occasionally, but did update my bank accounts and credit cards to reflect the change in title shortly after graduation. Living close to the London Bridge hospital there are many medical rather than academic doctors in the local area led to multiple instances of mistaken identify. For example, when presenting my credit card to pay for dinner on several occasions the waiter/waitress has started to describe a medical condition looking for my diagnosis, leading me to explain that I am not that kind of doctor. This is even more ironic given my dislike of hospitals and all things medical. (Season 6 Episode 10 — The Fish Guts Displacement)

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8: Sheldon likes this closet well organized

Building on the theme from the “The Bad Fish Paradigm” discussed above where Sheldon makes sure that all of his clothes are folded to exactly the same, my OCD personalty also extends to having my closet neatly organised. Much like Sheldon I actually enjoy tidying and take great satisfaction from a well organized storage system. I’m not sure where my love of neatness and order comes from, but I am going to point towards my mother who is a big hoarder. May be there is some teenage rebellion in there, with my younger self shouting “I’m going to go and tidy my bedroom and that will show you!” (Season 6 Episode 19 — The Closet Reconfiguration)

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9: Sheldon likes to research his purchases

I would not describe myself as an impulsive shopper by any means. No matter what I am buying, be it a TV, a new component for my PC, a new Phone/Tablet, or a new Car I always like to research my purchases thoroughly. This appears to be a very male trait, as many of my male friends follow the same approach, building complex spreadsheets and reading products reviews on forums. I think that this behavior is driven by a combination of wanting to get the best value for money while also purchasing the correct product for my needs. While agonizing over which video game console to buy for many hours Sheldon finally decides on the XBOX One, but then his doubts begin to kick-in. He asks his girlfriend Amy “Should I buy another product from the company that gave the world the ZUNE?”, to which Amy asks “What’s a ZUNE?”, to which Sheldon replies “Exactly!” (Season 7 Episode 19 — The Indecision Amalgamation)

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10: Sheldon loves Star Wars

As discussed above I have a small but growing collection of Star Wars figures and vehicles that are all Mint In Box (MIB). My imagination was captured by the opening credits of Star Wars where the Rebel Blockade Runner passed overhead, only to be followed shortly after by a colossal Imperial Star Destroyer. From that point onwards I was a Star Wars fan, and I am already looking forward to seeing how J.J. Abrams takes the series forwards when the next installment in released in cinemas at the end of 2015. It does not matter if I am watching the movies and spin off cartoon series (anyone remember Star Wars Droids?), reading the books, building the Lego models, collecting the toys, playing the video games or attending conventions, I will always love everything Star Wars, well perhaps not Jar Jar Binks. (Season 7 Episode 22 — The Proton Transmogrification)

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The very fact that I have put together this list and published it on Medium probably confirms the hypothesis that I am more like Dr Sheldon Cooper that I might like to admit. Even by my own admission there are certainly at least 10 characteristics that we both have in common. However, in an attempt to disprove this hypothesis maybe I should follow up with a second post on 10 Reasons why I am NOT like Sheldon Cooper. I’ll close out his post with a final quote from Sheldon “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!”