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Generating a valid credit card number can be a pain since you do not know how you will get it. One thing is for sure is that these credit card numbers are not randomly generated. It uses a formula to generate a unique credit card number each time and to have it good security standard. This formula is called the Luhn Algorithm or the MOD-10 checksum. Mod10 not only generate a valid credit card number but is being used on IMEI numbers and ID Card numbering system on some countries.

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Here’a luhn algorithm formula

It is very useful and widely used checksum. We have numerous checksum formulated by scientist available for use. One of those is the MD5, MD16. But on this story I am going to show to you how credit card numbers are generated and how you can get one for yourself. It’s actually pretty easy. You do not need any coding skills or a genius to get one.

Generating a Valid Credit Card Number

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When generating a valid credit card number. Of course, it should be validated with the use of checksum mod-10 but we do not have the luxury to create for yourself since it would be a long coding journey. I’ll show you the easy method.

Navigate to

From there you can easily generate your own credit card numbers. These credit card numbers are generated along with fake details such as Names, Address, Country, Zip Code, and security details such as the 3-digit code or the CCV.

What’s cool about this website is that it allows you to choose your name and name race. If you want to generate a credit card number with a Japanese name then by all means choose Japan as the country of origin.

Sample Valid Credit Card Number List

Below are the sample credit card number list generated by the Here’s a sample credit card number with complete details:

Issuing network : Voyager

Card Number : 8699829986029974

Name : Modadeola Ejiri

Address : 869 St. Mary’s Path

Country : United States of America

CVV : 787

Exp : 7/23

If you want to generate a fresh valid credit card number simply visit the website above and generate one for yourself.

For Visa Credit Card Numbers:

For MasterCard Credit Card Numbers:

For American Express Credit Card Numbers

Note: All credit card numbers displayed above are all valid. You use random name and CCV if you want to use it. These credit card numbers are not use for buying something online. As it its NOT a credit card that has an account numbers for banks used.

You can also get fresh and updated credit card number list by going to this website

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