New MacBook Pro is not a Laptop for Developers Anymore. Part 1
Alexey Semeney

With the end of Steve Jobs, came the end of good ideas with Apple. If there are no developers willing to work on a system, then no apps get written for it, and therefore users will not use it. It’s not always as simple as supporting the majority of users.

I’m a VIM user. Even if I do use a more modern text editor, I use it in VIM-Mode. No escape key means, I’m not going to use it. Period. I’m not going to take the time to bind my escape key to another key, and retrain myself to do it differently. I think most real developers are going to feel the same way.

This is going to hurt Apple the same way the Amazon Fire phone hurt Amazon when they thought they could just transition from Kindle to the cellphone space, ignoring the plethora of apps on other app stores, and forcing users to use their garbage app store, with the notion that they would be on equal footing in the cellphone industry as giants like Apple and Google… smh…

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