An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Yang Liu,

You first must understand that companies in today’s world are not interested in a revolutionary idea for the consumer, they are looking for a revolutionary idea for the producer. Pokemon Go, was developed as a tool for data collection apart from its application as a game. This goes the same with many of the apps that we have known and used in the recent years. This differs from the game that you knew and loved in the 90’s, as I did. Uber is an aid along side google for mapping the frequency and location of rides necessary in order to plot data for future self-driving cars. Pokemon Go, like Uber, is a tool used to tell where the public frequents for location based ads. This information has changed the industry and their standards, we have entered an age of profile building and selling to benefit and profiteer the company. Pokevision, like spoofing, invalidates the data that the company is trying to collect. It causes the user to deviate from their normal path and directs it to one of just trying to find the best pokemon. Companies used to collect this data and information through a means of surveys, but since no one fills those out, companies have found a new way to best collect information and direct your eye however they see fit.

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