UW, WSU College Republicans Endorse Donald J. Trump for President

This presidential election race is a referendum on the future of our country.

One of our choices, Hillary Clinton, is a strong advocate for open borders, the shipping of American jobs overseas, and continuance of an irresponsible foreign policy that has destroyed the Middle East and allowed ISIS to rise.

She has admitted in leaked emails that she has different positions for the public than she holds privately. She has violated the letter of federal law by operating an illegal private email server. She is partially responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

She has also waged a personal war against women by bullying and intimidating her husband’s rape victims.

Our other choice is Donald J. Trump.

Trump is not a perfect man. He, like all men, has his flaws, but we are electing our country’s commander in chief- not our country’s moral leader.

He has not spent the past thirty years of his life on script, doing whatever it takes to gain power to eventually become president. He has been- like most Americans- hard at work in the private sector.

It is abundantly clear that Trump is the only candidate who will address the issues that matter to the majority of Americans. Issues like illegal immigration, which is displacing thousands of American workers every year and driving wages down. Issues like defeating ISIS without losing any more American lives. Issues like protecting our nation from the threat posed by importing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

We have confidence that Donald Trump will be an outstanding president for young professionals about to enter the workforce like ourselves. By bringing jobs back, cutting corporate taxes, and making it easier for business to form and grow, our economic prospects will be bright under a Trump presidency.

There is only one candidate who will fight for the interests of America and not the interests of the globalists. This is why we, the UW College Republicans and the WSU College Republicans- the two largest College Republicans chapters in our state- are putting our school rivalry aside to officially and proudly stand with the 45th president of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump.