Singapore House Moving Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

When you are given free tips, you should probably take it! Especially when it helps in moving and shifting to your new home! Moving can be quite a stressful event, but you can make it a hassle-free experience. Just make sure that you don’t ignore these house moving tips-

Hire Someone Good

Seriously! Don’t just hire someone because they are quoting a cheaper price than the others. Instead, hire the best Singapore House Moving Service. After all, they will be transporting your valuables and you can’t risk it. To hire the best, make sure that you use the internet and do a bit of a research, compare quotes and services, call companies to see if their services are offered without hidden costs and then hire someone who you deem is fit for the job.

Organize Early

A house moving tip that most people tend to ignore, only to worry and regret it later. You shouldn’t be doing that. Avoid leaving everything to the last minute, unless you have to leave in hurry. Instead, create a week by week countdown list, which starts from at least 6 weeks before the move. Itemize everything you need to accomplish and strategize how the rooms will be packed one by one.

Keep movers in the loop

Communicate everything with your movers in Singapore. This will certainly help you avoid any hassles on the last day. For instance, you can contact them to explain any kind of expectations or requirements that you have from the company. Also, inform them about any overweight you might have, such as a huge fridge or a piano. Make sure that you keep them in loop about access restrictions, such as a small elevator in the building or a narrow driveway. Always, confirm your appointment seven days prior to the move.

Take Inventory

Sometimes, we get so busy with the whole packing and organizing that we forget about taking an inventory of items which shall be moved. You shouldn’t be doing that. Make sure that you keep a record of every household item, write it on a piece of paper or a word document on your laptop. At the same time, always label those boxes, such as ‘Handle with Care,’ ‘Kitchen items,’ ‘Kids’ Bedroom’ or ‘Wife’s Study,’ etc.

Tie up Loose Ends

Hook up essential services, such as utility bills to be transferred to your new property. Similarly, make sure that you find a pet or a baby sitter for your kids and pet. This will help you move everything easily without worrying about those little ones tagging behind. Be nice to your neighbours and inform them about the move, so that they don’t feel uncomfortable through the rush at your property all day long.

Last, but not the least, always treat your movers, be courteous to them and ask them for food or non-alcoholic drinks. They will certainly appreciate it.