being fooled by demons:

JESUS IS THE LORD who gives us wisdom: may the following enlighten you..

To begin with, regarding, the “legend of the count de saint germain”. This is a belief that a person named “count de saint germain”, either, time-travels, has multiple lives, or just lives on-and-on..

Here is the answer to this common deception [though, not limited to this account only]:

“the count de saint germain” did exist, and it is claimed that he “continues to exist”. This is true;.. but, only in a demonic sense.. now, if this condition, initially, only sounds like a riddle, then it is because of the illusion that is being orchestrated by demons, regarding “the count de saint germain”, over several centuries. What people have been experiencing, with “the count de saint germain”, is the same as another famous type of deception; that being, the many “accounts”, of “dead people’s spirits seen, or still lurking” in their 
former houses, or, places they frequented, or “manipulating objects” 
known to them.

All of these examples are nothing but favorite “head-games” of demons.

The explanation is simple. demons are just pure liars. They are pure
deceivers- demons also have vast, vast knowledge. they know people, as 
well. they know their personalities, and their predilections. When people die, if the deceased had interactions with demons, and left survivors, then demons easily mimic the dead person’s characteristics; leaving witnesses to believe that the deceased “returned”, in some form.

The ouija board works in this same means. These are not the spirits of 
any person because THE SCRIPTURES declare that there are only two locations for the spirits of deceased people. If a person is not with THE LORD, then they are separated from GOD, ‘in holding’. Luke 16:19–31. they have no access to earth after death.

Now, this explains dead men’s supposed and bogus “spirit-returns”. This also explains ouija boards; but, what about “the count de saint germain”?..
The preceeding explanation was necessary to set~up the understanding for
how demons are playing an ultimate “head-game” with people, by making them believe the “legends of the count de saint germain”.

demons in-creep human beings, who are alive, literally and physically.
Again, demons have vast, vast knowledge. in-order to pull-off 
“the count de saint germain” illusion, demons need a viable candidate.
They have to wait until a person, in history, comes along that is 
susceptible to becoming demon-possessed with, what is really, “the 
of the count de saint germain”. It is as simple as that.

demons will not accept and occupy “just anybody”; otherwise, they cannot “pull it off”. Many factors, that are even out of the control of demons, have to
“line-up” just right for it to work. For example, a person could look close enough to “the count de saint germain”, could have many similar personal features; but, if that person rejects the occult~ then, demons cannot force it to work. In another example, a person could have many similar personal features, accept the workings of demons, but not “look the part”. here, again, then demons cannot force it to work.

This is what accounts for the “sporadic appearances” of “the count de 
saint germain” throughout history. Once, however, enough characteristics
line-up with a “new candidate” for “the demon of the count de saint 
germain”, then the rest [the vast knowledge that “the count de 
saint germain” had] is easy.. and the illusion persists.