christians: please help

how you can contribute:

Do you have good ideas for what could help people believe in THE BIBLE, or believe in JESUS CHRIST; but, you just do not like to write?.. Or, maybe you have difficulty putting your words down ‘on paper’?.. Or, maybe you feel like somebody might not ‘believe you’?… Or, maybe you wish you knew THE BIBLE better in ordre to talk about it?…. Well, i’ll tell you what, brother or sister~in~CHRIST… you can still get your ideas out in a unique way:

You see, i love to do all those things i just mentioned; but, quite honestly,…. i’m all out of ideas what to write about! i would write a lot more christian~based truths and BIBLICAL ‘pearls’ here; but, i just seem to be at a stand~still. i’ve written everything that i can think to write; that a person needs to know about THE BIBLE or JESUS CHRIST.

i could sure use your gift, and help!

i know there is So much more about THE BIBLE and JESUS CHRIST that people, i’m sure, would want to know about; but, they do not have the time to read THE BIBLE themselves. The problem is that i just cannot think of anything else at the moment.

Quora used to be a great place where i submitted many, many answers to peoples’ questions, months ago; but, unfortunately, it is a very anti-christian forum. It was continuously hostile against direct, truthful, christian answers to peoples’ spiritual and religious questions; to the point that the quora personnel would specifically persecute and target christian writers. They did that constantly with me, personally, by forbidding BIBLICAL answers to peoples’ questions, and by shutting-down my account for periods of time. Once one’s account is seized, then it just disrupts the entire process; because when people submit questions,.. they understandably are waiting and expecting an answer. There is no way to access, or edit, or view question~answer status, etc.. when the account is being locked by quora.

Temporary account-locking, by quora, always comes as their response to persistent, false, anti-christian attack and complaint cells that operate on, and bully, the entire quora forum platform. these anti-christian attack and complaint cells scour the question postings for true, born~again christian answers, and then exercise quora’s bogus “report abuse” option-button. Quora has, repeatedly, declared that they acknowledge a person’s “offense to christian answers to spiritual and religious questions” as “abuse”.

Those are their words.

Anti-christian attack and complaint cells continuously employ this tactic to silence the christian writers; and quora knowingly supports this anti-christian attack-agenda. This is known, because i notified quora personnel, multiple times, attempting to expose the false-accusations made by the anti-christian attack cells; yet, quora personnel defended, supported, and enforced the anti-christian attackers and complainers demands in every instance, despite the false-accusations proven false.

Therefore, the real abuse that takes place on the Quora forum makes using the site virtually pointless for christian writers to use since the site’s anti-christian bias forbids christian truth to be expressed on it.

So, let’s use this, instead!..

Here is how you can contribute: if we work as a christian~team, you can use your good ideas by jotting one of them down in the comment~balloon at the bottom of this message. Your idea could be a concept that you think someone might need to know about SCRIPTURE. Once i see your idea, i’ll know exactly what to write on then.

  • please know that i prefer to really only write on ‘the meat’ of SCRIPTURE; so, please keep ideas only to concepts that you think mature seekers would be interested in and have inquiry with [as opposed to sunday school BIBLE stories found in THE OLD TESTAMENT].
  • thank you, and blessings to you, my brother or sister~in~CHRIST who help~out, here. may THE LORD be GLORIFIED with this idea:
  • John 13:35by this everyone will know that you are MY disciples, by your love for one another’.