christians: handling persecution

Dear fellow born~again christians:
Too many stories surface of christians being persecuted for obeying Jesus and The WORD Of GOD; in praying, evangelism, at work, doing ‘good samaritan’ acts.

It is coming from anti-Christ people in general public, media, bad law enforcement, education, judges, and government. If you are experiencing persecution, or witness your fellow brothers and sisters being treated as such, then here is how to combat that Biblically:.. You must memorize these verses: Matthew 5:12; Matthew 10:14~15; I Corinthians 16:14; Titus 1:3,5; II Timothy 3:5; Titus 1:9~11 and Titus 3:9~11.

The verses summarized for you:

1] do ALL service of THE LORD in~love: deed and speech.
2] when encountering opposition, Biblically warn your attackers, in~love.
3] do this with polite explanation and warning to repent.
4] you have the authority to do this toward anybody, of any level, on the planet [the verses above declare this].
5] you are only Commanded to do this, at most, two, genuine times.
6] if attack still continues, then quietly obey Matthew 10:15; and Titus 3:11.
7] ‘Blessed are you to be persecuted’ Matthew 5:12.

After this point, let Jesus handle it from here.

Do Not fear confronting anyone with Biblical Truth; even if it means being persecuted.

This is especially true when confronted by law enforcement*. *The Only reason law enforcement continues to listen to anti-Christ forces, and subsequently persecutes christians, is because christians fear being persecuted by law enforcement, and fear standing their Biblical~ground of authority against law enforcement.
If you fear or refuse persecution {“getting into trouble”}, then your position as a child~of~Jesus Christ is Very questionable, and you are in Serious need to receive The Holy Spirit Of Christ properly.

***A true child~of~Jesus Christ does not fear, nor refuse, to boldly serve The Lord; even if they think they will be criticized, mocked, fired, ostracized, slandered, threatened by the government, physically attacked, thrown in prison, harmed, maimed, family persecuted, or killed****.

Jesus said, ‘whoever does not take~up their cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.’: Matthew 10:38, or, ​ ‘unless you deny yourself, take~up your cross, and follow Me, you can have no part of Me.’: Matthew 10:38.
‘Taking~up one’s cross’ does not simply mean ‘talking about Jesus’;
[as what today’s ‘Laodicean’ church would have you to believe].
For a thorough understanding of what Jesus meant, and expects of you,
read of the Apostle Paul’s sufferings: II Corinthains 11:16~33.
Jesus’ WORDS: ‘you will be hated,.. and persecuted for My name’s sake’: Matthew 10:22~23.
Faith and prayer is how you endure incarceration. Expect it if you are boldly witnessing for The Lord. Unless you have never experienced this, are not going to experience this, or are unwilling to experience this, then
you are not ever going to be able to identify, in a small part, what Jesus
Good deeds are fine, but it is suffering persecution specifically when witnessing for Jesus that is at the heart of Jesus’ WORDS: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’. Matthew 25:21.


For those who ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness’, please feel free to contact me regarding any spiritual needs:

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