christians: how to deal with martial law

Dear christians: the following is Extremely Urgent: there is much
talk of martial law possibly coming soon.. Please be aware: Some of the following language is strong and rebuking~ that is, if it relates to your circumstances. If it does, then i pray that your spirit receives this guidance positively, and not critically. Bear in mind, it is a true christian’s task to properly direct our fellow brothers and sisters: Proverbs 27:17; Matthew 18:15; I Corinthians 5:12; II Timothy 3:16 and II Timothy 4:2.

The following is a Biblical way to protect yourselves: it Only applies if you are a born~again christian; and, also, that you know and love The Lord, and you know His Voice.

To begin with, there is No Biblical basis for “self-defense”.

Somebody can twist Scripture all they want. Multiple Scriptures prove that there is no Biblical basis for “self-defense”:

Matthew 16:24 ’deny yourself’; Matthew 5:10: ‘expect persecution’; Matthew 24:9: ‘expect death’..and the most directly Commanded,.. IICorinthians 10:4: ’we Do Not use worldly weapons’. [The words:Do Not use worldly weapons’ are clear to understand].

II Corinthians 1:9: ‘.. that we might not rely on ourselves but on GOD, who raises the dead’.

II Corinthians 3:5: ‘.. not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from GOD’.

People who profess to be “christians”; yet, believe that they have “the right to defend themselves” really have no faith, and are, essentially, in-fear. This truly puts a question on their relationship with Jesus Christ if their faith is so poor as to have to depend on themselves over Jesus for “self-defense”~ and, worse, to blatantly violate The Lord’s Commands.

Let’s be very clear,.. this is disobedience. And this disobedience is not at the same level as “just any other sin”; for example, using bad language, or even partaking in a sexual sin. A person who calls theirself a “christian”; yet, is prepared to take the life of a person, in the event of martial law, is only fooling theirself. In terms of salvation, the reason is Biblically obvious: The person who “advocates the weapon” is supposedly a “christian”, and is going to kill a person, who, in all likelihood, is ‘unsaved’.

So, let us make sure we understand what is happening here.. The person who “supposedly is going to HEAVEN” is going to take the life of the person, who, as soon as the “christian” kills them, is going to have to spend Eternity in hell.. Did i say that right? .. Yeah,.. that Sure sounds like Jesus !

The only means a person, a supposed “christian”, can justify their use of ‘worldly weapons’ is to pervert Scripture. It is the Only means. Typically, it comes from the ignorance of not being able to clearly distinguish The Old Testament, and The Old Testament’s Purposes, from The New Testament and The New Testament’s Purposes. And, therefore, this type of “christian” will justify their faithlessness and fear by means of Old Testament examples that no longer apply. Still, there are other “christians” who advocate “self-defense” by means of perverting New Testament Scripture; and, even then, there is only ONE verse that can be used to do that [others could be used if a person wanted to try to force Old Testament LAWS into New Testament GRACE; but, then, my point would only be even more obviously proven]. Those who twist the verse: ‘get a sword’ are just being liars and/or cowards. This verse is not referring to “self-defense”, whatsoever.

For a supposed “christian” to ignore The Commands of The Lord, and, worse, twist Scripture to suit their fleshly fears, and sooth their lack of faith, they are only setting theirself up to hear Matthew 7:21~23: ‘Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,“ shall enter The Kingdom of HEAVEN, but he who does The Will of My FATHER in HEAVEN. Many will say to Me in that day, “Lord, Lord, have we not (killed a bunch of “bad guys”) in Your name?“ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’.

An example of this fear, lack of faith and cowardice can be found in Scripture, with Revelation 21:8. We see that ‘cowards’ are actually listed First before all other sinners. This has a very unique significance in Scripture. Whatever is listed first in The WORD Of GOD signifies what is The most important to The Lord. How could ‘cowards’ possibly be seemingly worse than those listed afterward [such as: murderers,..idolaters..]? The reason ‘cowards’ are listed before ‘seemingly more terrible sinners’ is because these people professed to be “christians”; yet, were No true representatives of Jesus, and who had no Real faith. These are those of the ‘Laodicean church’; whom The Lord ‘spewed out of His mouth’: Revelation 3. These are contemporarychristians who are fearful, lazy, and ignorant of their BIBLES. They are also the believers of “pre-Trib”, who have believed that falsehood out of fear; of not wanting to go through any tribulation, or, pain, or, discomfort, or, persecution of any kind. There are believers of “pre-Trib”, however, who have believed this falsehood out of just their ignorance of The BIBLE, and accept it just because that is what they have been, deceivingly, told for decades. Jesus says, fortunately, to these particular ‘Laodicean christians’ [who have not ‘examined The Scriptures to verify the Truth’ as it directs in Acts 17:11; and, which is why they naively accept the “pre-Trib” falsehood], that The Lord will ‘put salve on their eyes so that they can see the Truth’: Revelation 3:18. So, this is great news; this says that the lie of “pre-Trib” will soon be revealed to some of our beloved, true brothers and sisters~in~Christ. Hallaluiah!

So, we see, there is a serious concern for “christians” that are fearful, and who have no Real faith. Because this gets transferred to their belief of “self-defense”; and, therefore, they dangerously justify the use of “worldly weapons” for purposes of “self-defense”. Isaiah 54:17 promises that.. ‘no weapon against you will prevail’; but, this Only applies to those with faith alone; and do not feel the need to have to depend upon weapons, or their own self-dependency, for their security. The Lord is Not going to honor faithlessness. Period. Hebrews 11:6; and He is certainly Not going to honor self-effort/ “self-defense”. A “christian” who insists upon using ‘worldly weapons’, despite what The WORD Commands, can expect Isaiah 54:17 to backfire on them. And ‘weapons will prevail against them’.

And now, let us verify this out, and take this to an even Greater height..

There is no place better to start than with ‘the four cornerstones’ of The entire BIBLE that encapsulates where the foundation must really be for All christian behaviour [or, at least, what the aim to strive for and attempt to master as one continues serving Jesus Christ]. These are Mark 12:30; Mark 12:31; John 13:34 and I Corinthians 16:14:

Mark 12:30 reads ‘Love The Lord Thy GOD with all your soul, heart, mind and strength’
Mark 12:31
reads ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’
John 13:34
reads ‘Love one another’
I Corinthians 16:14
reads ‘Do everything in~Love’.

So, we see from these ‘four cornerstones’ of Scripture what the christian walk is really all about, and how we are to treat others.

Now, a person could interject here and ask ‘But what if you are attacked by somebody?!’.. Sorry. As much as it is hard to accept, especially since America has been so ingrained with the legal allowances of “self-defense” and The Second Amendment, it does not change the fact that The BIBLE Triumphs over All laws of man. Scripture Must Always hold precedence~over any so~called “rights” that man imparts to fellow humanity. It does not change the fact that in Every instance of The New Testament, the child~of~GOD ‘turned the other cheek’: Matthew 5:39. That is because, ultimately, ‘our battle is Not with flesh~and~blood’: Ephesians 6:12. Please realize, though, this is not to say that this is always easy to do; in~fact, it is an act of self~control that takes tremendous prayer, careful forethought, and practice really to master keeping under control and in the forefront of the mind to be instantly prepared when a situation, that causes the instinct to defend oneself, occurs.

And still, a person could ask ‘But what if you are attacked by the government?!’.. Sorry still. The answer to martial law even is Matthew 17:20: ’faith that moves mountains’. The way to apply this is as follows: Command the earth to move between you and threat. Command the earth to open underneath threatening weapons, without people [we have no authority to kill people]. Command threatening peoples’ limbs to go lame. Command threatening peoples’ eyesight to fail..

Command, in The Name Of Jesus Christ, whatever is necessary to stop threatening people~ short of death. This is Biblical and Loving.

Prayers for your faith to be able to achieve this.


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