christians: how to talk to, and pray for, government heading the wrong direction

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST says in HIS WORD, Ephesians 4:15: ‘speak the truth in love..’.

[copy of my own letter to dhs and nsa]

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST says in Matthew 18:15If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you..’ 
THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has this message for you:..
You are harassing HIS children, the children~of~JESUS CHRIST. 
This is not wise, and you are strongly urged to straighten up, and stop 
the practice. You have exalted yourselves, and deceived yourselves to believe that you are in control. You are not. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is. 
Isaiah 14:24THE LORD ALL-POWERFUL has made this promise: Everything I have planned will happen just as I said’.

We are fast approaching THE ENDTIMES. There is not much time before 
THE LORD RETURNS. THE LORD’S children are needed, and being used by HIM, to get HIS message of Hope and Salvation out to as many as who will receive HIM in these final moments of mankind’s history.

You are interfering with this and challenging THE LORD.
i PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST on you, so as that you may be healed. JESUS LOVES you, be healed.

Please know that we, true born~again christians, are not your enemies; 
but, instead, try our best to serve our GOD and CREATOR [being imperfect beings that we are]. Please let us do our service for THE LORD without your suspicions, concerns, intimidations, or interferences.

The remainder is a portion of a message to the fbi that equally applies to 
you, as well [with some minor variations]. May this help you.

Your misunderstanding of christians is where all your troubles grow from. Proof of this can be shown from your possible response to this; which could be something like: “oh, but you do not know what we are up against.. we have half-of-the-public threatening us with a myriad of social disruptions, we have the financiers with their threats, we have the globalists and their agenda, we have the muslims and their agenda, the CIA doing their own thing, threats from “aliens”, and, now, you give us the christians and their words..”

My answer: ‘yes, but, there’s only one of those you need to listen to~
THE WORD OF GOD’. If you would just trust THE LORD, then you would find that all the other threats you face are just hollow, idle, dead threats. none of these other sources can do ANYTHING that:
1] THE LORD does not allow; and,
2] goes against BIBLE PROPHECY.

Not the liberal-left, nor the world’s bankers, nor Illuminati-bullies, nor terrorists, nor, even, other American power institutions can stop the Power of one who obeys THE LORD. For decades, you have disguised the existence of slimy “alien” creatures; only because you were exposed to their vast knowledge and power; and, subsequently, intimidated and threatened by them- all unnecessarily. These are not “aliens”; they are nothing but lying demons. you are threatened by demons?! if only you knew.. children~of~GOD have greater power than demons: Matthew 10:1; Mark 16:17. If you had the love for THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and knew HIS POWER, then you [and the other members of the us government] could have told these lying demons decades ago, to ‘sit down, and shut their mouths’. instead, you have let yourselves be bullied, and deceived, into believing that you actually had to listen to all these false, phony, “power” sources; and, now, you are, literally, paralyzed, as an American institution. This is all as a consequence of your horrible decision to ignore and reject THE LORD JESUS CHRIST; WHO is the source of ALL true power.

2] THE BIBLE ‘is an anvil that has worn~out many a hammer’ over 1000s of years.
3] THE SHROUD OF TURIN is your undeniable, irrefutable evidence of

JESUS says, in HIS WORD, that HE owns everything:
Psalm 24:1the earth is THE LORD’S, and everything in it, the world, 
and all who live in it

JESUS owns your organization, and appointed you:
Romans 13:1 ‘..for there is no authority except that which GOD has 
established. The authorities that exist have been established by GOD

Therefore, JESUS, as well as us, HIS children, are ‘on your side’.
So, there you go.. you have everything you need to know, to do the right
You do not need to:
- silence, or, impede THE BIBLICAL influences in our country;
- silence, or, impede the christians’ voice; but,
You DO need to:
~ silence and impede the anti-CHRIST voice.

Make a decision to take a stand, TODAY. lead the way.
Joshua 24:15But if you refuse to serve THE LORD, then choose today 
whom you will serve..

You have no excuse. You have opportunity to make the decisions that are going to have massive spiritual consequences; one way or another.. either, you act on HIS WORD, and change the world toward the right direction, or you, personally, suffer the ETERNAL, massive spiritual consequences for your lack of faith and trust in JESUS CHRIST and HIS WORD.
Matthew 10:14
if anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that 
home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly I tell you, it will
be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on THE DAY OF JUDGMENT than for that town
Titus 3:10~11
Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After 
that, have nothing to do with them. You may be sure that such people 
are warped and sinful; they are self-condemned

prayers that you make the right decisions.