christians: getting changes in the world

Accomplishing this it is not question of a christians’ “activism”, but it is a question of their belief and faith in THE LORD, and their knowledge of THE BIBLE..
It is always easy to tell when christians do not know their BIBLES.. how so? .. For decades and decades, one has heard christians always using words such as: ‘christians need to…[this and that]’, ‘christians need to…[this and that]’, ‘christians need to…[this and that]’.. This is utterly useless rhetoric that benefits nothing. A particular television pastor, for example, uses this style of language as his only form of preaching- ad nauseam!

Now, if you are confused with understanding why this is wrong, then it is because you do not see what is wrong with it; and of course, that is why it does not work!

The reason is plain and simple: telling people “what to do” does not tell them ‘how to do it’. Therefore, “preaching” for hours to a congregation about what is wrong with unbelievers, and the unbelieving world; and, at the same time, is completely devoid of any BIBLICAL explanation for how to spiritually cure, fix, offset, or combat the problems, is absurdly far-removed from THE HOLY SPIRIT’S directing.

THE BIBLE reveals precisely how to confront each of the problems we, as true, born~again christians, face in spiritual~warfare. THE BIBLE does it with specific verses that apply to specific spiritual~warfare problems. The contemporary church, however, does not even know their BIBLES well enough to know these verses; let alone know that they even exist.

This is why “the left” “gets away with” what they do.

It is not because “the left” “voice louder”, as some christians claim.. It is because christians do not know the specific verses that would silence the spiritual-opposition. Again, this is how one knows that contemporary christians do not know their BIBLES… because they have no idea what verses THE BIBLE contains to combat spiritual~warfare. Instead, contemporary christians’ solution to combating anti-CHRIST ideologies [that is, whatever they are addressing whenever recursively crying~out: ‘christians need to…[this and that’] is to “march in the streets”.. This typical style of approach from christians only makes satan laugh at the contemporary church, that continuously tries to solve spiritual-problems with “worldly” means; and, yet, one hears the contemporary church repeatedly state and claim, ‘do not be like the world!

Years ago, i did a thorough, 4~hour video on ‘spiritual~warfare’. It went 
into intense depth, and explanation, of all the key verses to use for all forms of spiritual~warfare. i sent the video to the 40 major pastors of the united states.. they wanted nothing to do with it. They wanted nothing to do with it because true spiritual~warfare requires paying the price of persecution; REAL physical persecution..

When the church is too fearful, too lazy, and too ignorant of THE BIBLE, then it explains why they want nothing to do with personally engaging in ‘spiritual~warfare’. And, consequently, that is why the people of satan “get what they want”.

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