the illusion of an “Angry and Wrathful” OLD TESTAMENT GOD:

This view gets posed and promoted constantly, and falsely, in numerous religious venues, and even within Christianity; especially now~a~days. The reason that this happens is primarily because people [whether christians or religious-opinionators] are not truly spiritually mature, and fall into one of the largest traps of THE entire BIBLE; which is, not being able to clearly distinguish THE OLD TESTAMENT, and THE OLD TESTAMENT’S purposes, from THE NEW TESTAMENT and THE NEW TESTAMENT’S purposes.

All to often, this view distorts THE GOD of THE entire BIBLE. When people do not know THE whole BIBLE, they are inevitably going to make the gross mistake of not being able to see that there are Not two different GOD’S of THE BIBLE: ONE in THE OLD TESTAMENT and ONE in THE NEW TESTAMENT.

This is the price one pays for not doing their homework, and studying THE WORD OF GOD as they should. The only reason there is a false-perception of a difference between “OLD and NEW TESTAMENT GOD’S” is due to, again, the difference between THE OLD TESTAMENT’S purposes from THE NEW TESTAMENT’S purposes.

So, to get this straightened~out, let’s start with understanding THE OLD TESTAMENT.

the entire OLD TESTAMENT summarized:
THE LORD needed to re~identify and re~introduce HIMSELF to fallen man, 
and provide for them the knowledge that HE had a PLAN to restore them 
The initial elements of this PLAN entailed GOD calling a particular people to be used as instruments to advance HIS PLAN, and to impart to them intimate knowledge of HIMSELF, along with COMMANDMENTS, or, LAWS for man to know and obey.
Enter ‘the chosen people’; the Jewish people.
Now, obligation was given to the Jewish people to be heralds to the ‘non-Jewish’, or, ‘gentile’ world of THE LORD’S COMMANDS~ however, it did not happen as such. For, the Jewish people could not adhere to GOD’S COMMANDMENTS, themselves. Instead, they failed miserably and indefinitely. The understanding for this would not to be unveiled until THE NEW TESTAMENT period.
THIS MYSTERY was that the ENTIRE purpose of THE OLD TESTAMENT and THE LAW was simply to show, and reassure mankind, that restoration of fallen man could not be achieved from mankind’s doing, or, end; [that is, trying to follow THE LAW perfectly].
The only problem was that the Jewish people never figured this spiritual MYSTERY out.

It is here, now, we need to centre~on “GOD’S acts” throughout THE OLD TESTAMENT, that have the false-appearance of an “angry and Wrathful” OLD TESTAMENT GOD. If you focus on the outcome of ‘GOD’S act’, then this will just leave you with a bitter interpretation. That is because you miss the entire point of GOD’S purpose that HE is attempting to teach during the time period of THE OLD TESTAMENT. If you focus on THE LORD’S POINT to the whole arrangement of THE OLD TESTAMENT, then it is very easy, obvious and admirable to understand.

THE ENTIRE POINT that THE LORD was making and doing, for THE ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT, was giving mankind their fair chance to demonstrate to GOD that they [mankind] were capable of permanently remedying and restoring their fallen, spiritual condition completely on their own~ apart from GOD’S doing.

That’s it. That is the entire OLD TESTAMENT’S purpose summarized, right there.

The only detail that needs to be added, now, is the simple rule that THE LORD laid~down from the onset, to get the demonstration underway;.. which was this: THE LORD basically said, ‘you are considered acceptable to enter MY home [HEAVEN] when you can prove to ME that you are flawless in your actions; without sin. if you slip-up, and sin, however, then you suffer punishment for that sin so that there is NO mistake nor confusion that a sin was in-fact committed and deserving of just penalty. no sin, no punishment. you sin, you get punished… fair enough?

Now, a person could ask: ‘why was mankind put to the test to prove their ability to be sinless in their own strength, to begin with?’.. because with their their fallen, spiritual condition, they were now, inherently and innately, rebellious. In other words, THE ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT purpose could have been completely avoided all~together if it were possible for GOD to just have been able to say to mankind that it was impossible for them to be sinless, and have mankind simply accept that and move~on to THE NEW TESTAMENT SOLUTION: JESUS CHRIST.

This, however, could not happen because mankind, in fallen, spiritual rebellion, only knew how to rebel.

Rebellion does not listen.

Rebellious people do not listen.

Now, enter the entire NEW TESTAMENT summarized:
Had the Jewish people realized the ENTIRE purpose of the OLD TESTAMENT and THE LAW, then their understanding of JESUS, and HIS FIRST ARRIVAL would, not only, have been clear, but, expected. The realization, again, should have been that THE LAW [the instrument used to measure sin versus sinless behaviour] is absolutely useless for broken, fallen man [because they proved they could not become sinless on their own] ; and, therefore, a SAVIOUR is needed.

This SAVIOUR took upon HIMSELF ALL of the penalties of sin through HIS death on THE CROSS. The rule of ‘getting punished’ now no longer applies; and, though mankind still sins, JESUS made a new trade with mankind: this time, THE LORD basically said, ‘you are considered acceptable to enter MY home [HEAVEN] when you can accept ME, ONE WHO IS flawless in actions; without sin. if you slip-up, and sin, however, then you suffer NO punishment for that sin because I will take your punishment for you. so that there is NO mistake nor confusion that a sin was in-fact committed and deserving of just penalty, I AM going to die on A CROSS to verify that out. when you can accept ME, I will consider you to be as if you have no sin, and you shall receive no punishment. if you reject ME, however, then you are still in your sin, and you pay the punishment for your own sins…. fair enough?

That not only ended the entire OLD TESTAMENT’S purpose; and, therefore, with it, the need for any further punishment of sin. With no further need for any punishment, this ushers in ‘THE PERIOD OF GRACE’~ a PERMANENT period of no further need for any punishment... .. And it is right here where the stark contrast appears with “THE GOD of THE NEW TESTAMENT, or, NEW ERA with THE GOD of THE OLD TESTAMENT”; but, the notion of two different GOD’S of THE BIBLE is just an illusion. GOD did not change. HE is still THE SAME GOD, OLD or NEW TESTAMENT,…

HE is just working with an entirely different trade arrangement and set of rules.

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