christians: praying for our “enemies”

It is all about your heart.. JESUS says in Matthew 5:43~48, that we are to ‘Love our “enemies”. That’s the starting point..

For christians, when we can ‘Love our “enemies”, then THE LORD’S other COMMANDS, for us all to: ‘pray for our enemies’: Matthew 5:44; ‘to speak truth in~love’: Ephesians 4:15; and, ‘our battle is not with flesh~and~blood’: Ephesians 6:12, do not become difficult to follow, at all.

Unfortunately, most christians do none of these when it comes to reacting to their perceived “enemies”. Even worse, is that, most christians have never even read THE BIBLE to know that these COMMANDS even exist.

First, if this is you, then i pray for you, right now, to change your heart. This is too important a steady element and theme, throughout all of SCRIPTURE, to not be completely understand and be obeyed by all christians. How absolutely tragic it is going to be when christians learn how many unbelievers of THE BIBLE and JESUS lived the lives they did due to how those christians treated them~ this side of life. How THE LORD is going to JUDGE those christians utterly strikes my mind with fearful wonderment; and the very thought, from that fearful wonderment, literally compels me, each and every moment of my life, to abide by what i’m about to share with you here.

There, unfortunately, is a very damaging sentiment that exists within the christian church of our day. It is a defensive attitude and notion that christians are under no obligation to have to listen to the counsel of fellow christians; even if a particular christian’s sin is being addressed. In~fact, there is a pronounced, rebellious-spirit that pervades the church with this. Again, the root-cause of this is because most christians have never even read THE BIBLE to know what is really expected of them as children~of~JESUS CHRIST.

JESUS, however, very clearly gives any christian the authority to present this to any other who professes to be a christian. Proverbs 27:17; Matthew 18:15; I Corinthians 5:12; II Timothy 3:16 and II Timothy 4:2.

Further, there are even severe penalties for those that ignore the WORDS OF THE LORD: Matthew 10:14~15; II Timothy 3:5 and Titus 3:9~11. What these verses tell you, is, that if you ignore loving warnings intended to guide you away from un-christian attitudes and behaviours toward true, BIBLICAL, ‘CHRIST~like’ behaviour [such as how to treat “enemies”], as THE BIBLE directs, and do not change any bad attitude toward these fellow human beings, then JESUS says that your salvation is seriously in question because your heart is not right. Luke 12:47, is another example for those who do not heed THE LORD’S WORDS, and ignore HIS COMMANDS. Here, THE LORD says, ‘the servant who knew THE MASTER’S Will; but does not do THE MASTER’S Will, shall be beaten with many blows’.

Being a christian is not just an intellectual~realization of a man named ‘JESUS’; a christian is, and should be, a CHANGED person~ from the heart outward. Therefore, when it comes to your “enemies”, THE SCRIPTURE declares that we are to ‘love our “enemies”: Matthew 5:43~48. There are a number of verses that address this an a variety of ways:

Matthew 7:1DO NOT judge; for, you, too, shall be JUDGED’. This verse is typically often falsely-applied and used in a generic-sense, by just about anybody, for just about any circumstance that falls on a range, anywhere from “criticism” to ‘justified, BIBLICAL teachings of right versus wrong’. There is, however, only one spiritual context that applies for Matthew 7:1; and that is, true, christian children~of~GOD are not to judge unbelievers, at all.

I Corinthians 5:12DO NOT judge unbelievers’ further verifies the spiritual context of Matthew 7:1.

I Corinthians 6:11you were evil once yourself’. Right here, is where spiritual maturity, toward BIBLICALLY viewing one’s “enemies”, continues. This verse serves to remind all true, christian children~of~GOD that, before they received JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and SAVIOUR, that ‘GOD demonstrates HIS own love for us in this: that, while we were still sinners, CHRIST died for us’: Romans 5:8. It is for this very reason why we are ‘NOT to judge unbelievers’. Plain and simple, we were no different, at one time, than they are now.

Philippians 2:3consider others as being better than yourselves’; or, ‘DO NOT consider yourself better than others’. There it is. This verse speaks clearly for itself. This verse is the epitome of how to view so~called “enemies”. we do not ‘consider ourselves better’ than these people, because THE BIBLE says that ‘no person is any better than another’: ‘for, whosoever shall violate THE LAW in just one point, he is guilty of breaking ALL of it’: James 2:10. Therefore, as much as the church as a whole wants to believe that they are “less sinners” than unbelievers, in BIBLICAL~terms, it is not true.

Finally, if there is any doubt, whatsoever, in the mind of a fellow believer, regarding this truth, then please allow me to leave you with two, final BIBLICAL principles that truly capture, and sum~up, the entire concept of praying for our “enemies”:

  • in THE BIBLICAL account of Luke 18:9~14, we read and learn exactly what the sin and error of viewing oneself better than others looks like. It is the account of: ‘the sinner and the pharisee’. This account properly applies within this message of ‘praying for our “enemies” because in the days of the pharisees, no one was perceived as an “enemy” more so than that of “a sinner”, in their eyes. This account is a beautiful example of how THE LORD stamps a Mighty Strong rebuke on the sin and error of “self-righteousness”. for, according to this verse passage, the “self-righteousness” person, or, anybody ‘who considers theirself better than others’, or, ‘looks down on their “enemies” ‘shall perish worse than whom they consider “lower” than themselves’.
  • this next portion deals with the concept of “self-defense”. It is this segment that will make you or break you as to whether you are currently spiritually mature enough, or are ever going to be spiritually mature enough, to truly ‘Love your “enemies”. [for this, now, please see my message: ‘christians: how to deal with martial law’]. For it is this message, ‘christians: how to deal with martial law’, that will truly serve as a test for you to measure yourself by.

prayers that this helps any christian view so-called “enemies” differently.

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