Information and Energy as a Dual Structure System; the Foundation of the Cosmos.

Religion and science agree that the cosmos originated from a single state of oneness.

In Korean, the origin is referred to as Hananim. ‘Hana' means 'one’, and 'nim' is an honourary title like ‘Mr' or ‘Mrs’.

The origin of the cosmos is referred to in science as the ‘singularity’, denoting a state of oneness.

Their descriptions of the properties of the origin also coincide.

For example:

…in religion, the origin is described as being omnipotent, omniscient and, omnipresent.

In science, the origin is referred to as being quantum energetic, quantum informational and, non-local.

Whereas religion seeks to understand the origin from an internal perspective, science seeks to understand the origin from an external perspective.

However, within both religion and science exist the dual structure system of internal and external.

Internal (sungsang) is primary and, external (hyungsang) is secondary.

Nevertheless, both internal and external are of equal importance and value.

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