Various Roofing Types For Different Purposes!

Earlier people had no choice for roofing but nowadays there are numerous types of roofings available for all sorts of buildings such as residential or commercial depending on different purpose and the region a building is located in.

The most common types of roofing that are being chosen throughout the world includes:

Asphalt Shingles:

Asphalt shingle roofs are mostly preferred by home owners as it is low-cost, durable, fire resistant, easily repairable and fits with all kinds of homes. People can find asphalt shingles in various unique colors and types according to their choice and building structure. The only problem with this roofing is that it is more susceptible to mold and moss as compared to other roofing types.

Metal Roofs:

Metal roofs are also extremely durable, fire resistant and available in a number of colors and styles that can suit any kind of a building whether residential or commercial. These roofs require less maintenance and work perfectly fine in all weather conditions throughout the year. However, people may find this roofing expensive as compared to other roofings.

Wooden Roofs:

Usually the wooden roofs are made up of cedar that is rot resistant and hence durable, but are not fire resistant. These roofs are very attractive and give the natural and aesthetic beauty to a building. It is commonly used for bungalows, cottages and modern homes also. The down side of this roof is that it is combustible, requires a proper maintenance in order to remain fine for a long time and more costly than other types of roofings.

Tile Roofs:

These roofs are greatly fire resistant, easy to maintain, long lasting and very stylish, you can find the tiles in various colors. These roofs are a popular choice of homeowners, however the tiles are fragile and can be difficult to repair.

Slate Roofs:

The slate roofs are extremely beautiful and durable, it might be hard to believe, but it can last a century or even further. The only concern to install this expensive slate roofing is that these roofs are very heavy and before roofing it is a must to examine the building if it can support this roof or not.


In colder regions, the fiberglass roofs are in trend in home constructions. The material of this lightweight roof is manufactured in various colors and designs to fit with the taste of maximum people. Fiberglass roofs are inexpensive as compared to other types of roofings, the problem with these roofs is that they are fragile and prone to break off easily.

People who are about to get any kind of roof installation work are advised to consult a reputed and experienced roofing constructor in order to have the best suggestions for your building as well as the perfect installation since new constructors are usually not able to provide a quality work.