Any sane person would most likely choose Instagram over Snapchat in a long term bet on success. Instagram has long been considered that dominant social force while Snapchat is generally thought of as the underdog.

It makes sense on a surface level. Snapchat has less users than Instagram and is growing at a much slower pace. By simply comparing these numbers you could easily come to the conclusion that Snapchat would stay where it is in the hierarchy.

That’s pretty naive thinking though because you have to consider more than just numbers when determining what social platforms will remain ubiquitous…

As people become increasingly more comfortable with their digital selves, Apple, Snap, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and more are racing to create their own avatars in hopes of advancing digital human interaction, but which one will win and why?

Avatars aren’t a new thing. They have been around for quite some time actually; popularized through the use of video games and online chat rooms. Only in recent history have they been used for mass communication, a movement pioneered by Bitmoji. Suddenly, you could message your friends with a cartoon version of yourself instead of using words. …

James Andrews

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