What do men do when nobody is watching them?

James Anderson

Men are mysterious creatures!! They might be something different from people around them and completely different when nobody is watching them. Yes!! They can be very different beings when there’s nobody is around to watch them. Well, if you want to see the sparkles, you must leave them alone and you’d figure out some of the weirdest, nastiest and craziest things that they do.

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So, what do they actually do?

That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this blog. Why don’t you go ahead and find what men do when nobody is watching them.

Try out their girlfriend’s stuff/devices

Well, men often think how do women even get so much time to caress themselves with hair curlers, straighteners, and other things like face packs, scrubs and more. In fact, they go up to the extent to slipping into their lingerie just to feel the suppleness and the smoothness of the fabric on their intimate areas. So, you can actually see them trying out their woman’s stuff.

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Roam around naked

Everyone loves to go commando some time or the other. But when nobody is watching you, you would love to roam around naked without wearing any mens sexy underwear like mens lingerie or any other mens underwear style. They love to feel themselves wearing nothing but just being in their own skin. I am in a relationship with a guy who does this a lot and he doesn’t care whether I am around or not, he would strip off his mens panties and roam around naked.

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Spend quality time in the loo

Who loves the washroom as much as men when their partners are not around? Well, whether it is the loo or the bathroom soaping their body under the shower, men love to spend so much quality time without having any company. They love to play games on their smartphones or read the newspaper inside out cleaning up their system.

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So, what do you do when you are all by yourself at home? Do let us know in the comments section.

James Anderson

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Hi, my name is James and professionally I am a lifestyle writer. I love traveling to new places and hanging around with my college buddies. I like Italian food.

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