Victory for Ken Livingstone Despite Corbyn’s Shameful Silence
Tony Greenstein

Thanks for the information about the Zionists in Germany in the 1930s. One good thing that has come out of this is that more people now know the details of the 1933 deal.

I had an old Jewish friend who escaped the Gestapo in Germany in 1943 when he was 17. Interrogated for three hours, he convinced them he wasn’t Jewish and was released and left without going back to his house, knowing they would soon find out he had been lying. Smuggled out by the resistance, he made it to England. He told me a joke amongst Jews in the 30s, “A Zionist is someone who wants everyone else to go and live in Palestine.”

Lastly, I think you are being harsh on Jeremy Corbyn. He has enough to deal with. Ken’s offhand remarks about a very sensitive issue were provocative and inflammatory, and he said he regrets making them.

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