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I love apartments because they keep us
safe from each other, apart.
And because, in them, I’m a part
of something bigger,
an anonymous tribe all protecting the same
block of painted wall.
I am a scared, solitary creature who needs
deadbolt safety,
and I need you to find my anonymous door
and knock on it
and show me we’re a part of something together.

free photo from Unsplash

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I want to hear your song. Actually,
I probably don’t. Not right now, at least.
All that rhythm from how your parents
talked and cooked and fought,
the melody of your world’s surprises,
your harmony of hopes and depressions
and tattered love—how could I relate?
Or maybe it’s all too familiar. Either way,
it’s a little much for a Saturday evening
in bed with my laptop.


James A. Pearson

Aspiring Elder. @jamesapearson,

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