Aziz Ansari wrote an entire Op-Ed for the NY Times, saying that Trump would ban Muslim immigrants like his parents.

No. No, Aziz. You haven’t been listening.

Your parents are productive citizens who contribute to society (ref Wikipedia). There’s no report that your father praised the Afghani Taliban, and there’s no indication that he wanted to become president of that country. You aren’t going to mosques where imams preach death to gays, are you?

So, no, Aziz. Neither Trump nor any other American wants to ban Muslim immigrants like your parents.

We want to ban the people who come into this country under the cover of migrants and sexually assault 5-year old girls in towns like Twin Falls, Idaho. We can’t have these animals in our society! Clearly, whatever screening process that’s supposed to be in place just isn’t working.

Instead of pissing all over Trump (and mischaracterizing his comments about Mexico as racist), perhaps you could try coming up with a few ways for us to weed out the Muslims who want to kill gays, or who support the death of gays, or who want to make gays illegal… or, really, any of them who want to be subject to Sharia law rather than American law.

You know… actually help.

And if you can’t think of a way to make it work, you should admit that some of the people who share the religion of your parents are not the kind of people who deserve to be in this country.

You know… actually be honest.

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