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I think we’re witnessing one of the most intriguing and durable movie universes ever built with the Lego franchise. What makes it so intimidating for competitors is that the Lego team can delve in and out of any number of highly marketable universes (Simpsons, DC, Harry Potter, etc.), and have had decades to establish themselves as an evergreen entertainment juggernaut both with their toys and video game franchises. Unless Disney-Marvel becomes more flexible with mixing and matching their creative properties (as they’ve tried with the Disney Infinity video game franchise), they have little to gain from studying the Lego franchise. Marvel and its parent company Disney are captivating children on a daily basis. Kids will go see the Marvel movies, the Star Wars movies, Pixar movies, and the latest from Disney Animation. Whether or not children should go see the Marvel or Star Wars movies, of course, is an ethical debate that’s been had many times before but in practice, kids will show up every summer for Disney-Marvel’s latest blockbuster and their parents are more than happy to pay.

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