How To Be An Entrepreneur In High school — The 9 Rules

I am triggered AF today and have been getting a lot of questions about being an entrepreneur in high school.

So, I decided to make the 10 rules of being an entrepreneur in high school.

Let’s get started.

  1. Put Your Head Down and Shut Up

The first rule is putting your head down and shutting up.

This about getting good at your passion.

And yes, you actually have to be good at what you’re trying to make a business out of.

What a surprise.

Too many high schoolers walk around with pride thinking they are a master of their craft.

Unless you can make at the very minimum of 50 videos and or blog posts about your topic, put your head down, shut up, and keep learning about your passion.

You need to be humble.

You need to read, learn, and ask questions — master your craft and figure out your mission statement.

2. Find Your Platform

After and only after you figure out your passion and can easily make 50 video and or blog posts about it, then you need to pick your platform.

A platform is something you are going to use to get your content in front of people.

As a high schooler, I recommend youtube as its free and EVERYONE has it installed on their phones.

You can also incorporate blog posts, Instagram posts, facebook pages or a combination of all of them.

You should aim to post your content daily.

You might be asking: “But James, I want to make money!”

That’s fine, and I will explain why you need to post free content first next.

And If you think you don’t have enough time…well I will explain that later to.

What you need to know right now is that you need to master your passion and then post content around it.

3. Free Content + Care

I know, your goal is to make money.

So you might think that we should be focusing on creating a sales page and a product and blah blah blah.

Well, this is why.

Everyone is shoving product down people’s throats.

The entrepreneurial world is competitive so you need a way to separate yourself from the rest.

How do you do that?



You need to producing free content so you build trust with people.

The secret to making sales is not converting people into customers, but building so much trust that they feel obligated to buy your products.

You also have to care about every single person that follows you.

Whatever time it takes you to make your content for the day, you need to spend quadruple that time replying to people comments and interacting with your follower (when you start to gain traction/following).

How do you grow your following?

There are a couple of ways.

If you don’t have any extra money, you need to be scavenging the web for blogs, tweets, and youtube videos about your passion. to communicate, interact, and reply to other people’s content and share yours to spread brand awareness.

Wehn you find something related to your topic, you need to communicate, interact, and reply to other people’s content and share yours to spread brand awareness.

If you some money, you should use google Adwords or Facebook ads to market your free content to spread brand awareness along with doing what was talked about above.

4. Be Confident + Don’t Be Fancy

You do not need a $3000 camera with $2000 dollars in lighting equipment and a backdrop to make good content.

All you need is good quality content.

Take out your smartphone that’s in your pocket — and start making content.

The camera and audio on a modern smartphone are more that suffice for producing quality content.

And stop aiming for perfection.

That will stop you from making anything.

Don’t worry about your hair or what your wearing because no one cares.

All this does is slow you down: speed is the game.

Go look at any of your favorite YouTuber’s first videos, they are crap.

And so will yours be.

But that’s fine because it’s about the quality of your content that counts.

If you are going to expose yourself to the internet, you also have to be confident.

The internet is a nasty place, if you give a shit about what other people think, you lose.

You lose because the time you spend worrying about what other people think you lose in the area of speed.

5. Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

Stop waiting for the perfect moment start.

There is no perfect moment to start.

There is nothing that can prepare you for what your about to do.

The only thing that prepares you is fucking starting.

Stop reading books on how to be good on camera or looking up tips for public speaking.

Stop planning and start executing.

Your first videos will be shit.

If you think you’re bad on camera — I call BS.

For the most part, everyone is bad on camera until you start doing it often enough.

It takes time and effort to be good on camera.

Like I said, go look at your favorite YouTuber’s first videos…you will be surprised.

6. College Doesn’t Teach It

College doesn’t teach entrepreneurship.

If your plan is to wait until college to start a business, you are making a huge mistake.

We live in a world that is progressing so fast that it would be impossible to teach business at the rate it is moving.

You also don’t want to carry $100,000 dollars in student loans when you graduate and realize college taught you nothing practical about the business world.

Nothing but hustle and execution is going to teach you about entrepreneurship.

It takes time and time and time and hustle and hustle and more time to gain the business knowledge that you need.

Trial and error my friend.

Learn from your mistakes, but in order to make a mistake, you have to start.

7. Hustle


It’s the only thing that you can control.

You might not be the most gifted in your area of your passion, but I am damn sure the person that works harder and faster will win.

And I know what your thinking, “James I am in high school, I don’t have time!”

Are you kidding me?

You don’t have time?

What did you do this weekend?

If you are not spending every minute on your passion, I am talking about every minute, someone else will, and someone else will surpass you.

Stop watching the walking dead every night, get off your phone, and start hustling.

I know you want to be an entrepreneur, and you want to make tons of money, and you want to get a huge following, and you want to make your parents proud.

But here is the thing, no one gives a shit about what you want.

Not me, not your mom, not your girlfriend, not your dog, and definitely not your potential customers.

Stop making excuses, because every excuse you make takes away from time you could be hustling.

In life, if you don’t have something that you want, you need to evaluate your hustle.

Did you spend every minute of your day producing and distributing your passion?


Well, that’s why you don’t have what you want.

So stop complaining, and start hustling.

Now you might be asking, “I don’t want to be a machine and work all the time!”

Well then shut up and stop complaining…because you’re never going to get there.

How much is your passion worth?

Do you want to work at a bank for the rest of your life with a crappy boss?

Hustling shouldn’t feel like hustling, it’s your passion.

You should lose track of time when your hustling.

That’s how you know it’s your passion.

Don’t tell me you work hard and are super ambitious and passionate.

Show me your ambitious through your hustle.

8. Be Patient

You are not going to be a success overnight.

As a matter of fact, you’re not even going to be a success in a week.

It’s going to take years to actually become a success.

If you’re not okay with that, then quit now because that is the reality.

Patience filters out the bull shitters and leaves you with the people who don’t quit.

Those are the winners.

You have to play the long term game not the short one.

Don’t spend your life trying to find the “secret of success.”

There is no secret.

There is no shortcut.

There is no easy way out.

If there was, everyone would take it.

It takes patience and execution, lots of it.

Don’t come and tell me you’re quitting after 4 months of posting content.

Really? 4 months?

You’re going to give up on your passion after 4 months?

Don’t ever think that you are going to think of some amazing idea or start a YouTube channel and then become a millionaire in a week.

I wish it was that easy.

An idea is worth worthless without execution.

9. Focus

I think that a lot of people have what it takes to make their passion into a business but where they lack is in hustle and speed.

There is really only one way to improve speed.

Stop worrying about that shit that doesn’t matter.

You need to be focusing on only the one most important thing.

After that one thing is done, and only then can you move onto other things.

For example, if you just started a youtube channel, your one most important thing is posting content.

Then and only then can you worry about how your social media looks and what you should post tomorrow and all the other things that distract you from doing what you really need to do.

Bussines is like chess.

Every move you make should be made thinking about what your end goal is.

If it doesn’t help you get to your end goal, it doesn’t matter.

Audit the things you do.

For example, if I am trying to grow my following, what is the number one thing I can do to achieve that?

Then put all your focus and energy into that one thing.

That’s how you get the things you want, faster.

If you are having trouble finding out what your one thing is.

Think about what is going to get you paid.

If you are starting a youtube channel, the number one thing is posting videos!

Nothing else matters until you post the video for the day.

Then you can worry about distribution and marketing and all the other BS that stops people from accomplishing what matter.

Just Start Already!

I think that a lot of high schoolers don’t realize that right now is the easiest time of their life.

They have no rent, no debt, no responsibilities, nothing.

Use it while you have it.

The most painful thing in the world is regret.

Regret kills.

The feeling of laying in your death bed with all your dreams standing around you scares the shit out of me.

The feeling of knowing that wasted your life away and that you can do absolutely nothing to change it.

Trust me, you will wake up one day in your death bed.

And when that day comes and you didn’t live your passion, you will want to go back to high school more than anything in the world.

Live your passion now.

Please, live you passion for 2 years and email me and tell me it was a bad time investment — I dare you.

Best of luck,


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