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I should probably mention why/what I’m doing flying to China.

I’m luckily enough to have secured myself a place on Huawei’s ‘Seeds of the Future Programme’. During the scheme, students spend an initial period in Beijing gaining Mandarin language training, learning about Chinese culture and exploring the city. After Beijing, we travel to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, to learn about Huawei’s international business culture and values, see Huawei’s, products and solutions and experience the busy city.

Huawei is the biggest company you’ve NEVER heard of. Here are some facts to help put them in context:

/ It’s a Fortune Global 500 company.

/ Revenues of £45 billion.

/ Employ over 75,000 engineers.

/ 20 global R&D centres.

/ 5 year UK investment plan of £1.3 billion.

/ Privately owned by Chinese-only employees.

/ Has the majority market-share of telecom solutions within the UK.

/ Recently entered the UK headset market, gaining popularity quickly.

I never thought about documenting my trip until a week before a left. My uncle asked if I was going to write a blog — something which hadn’t crossed my mind. He suggested it would be a good way to look back and remember. It seemed like it could be worth a crack.

A word of warning: don’t get your hopes up about regular posts. I’ve got a busy itinerary and limited time. That being said, I will endeavour to keep you updated about my time in China in some form or another.

I love feedback so let me know if you like it/want more/want less/have questions and I will try to get back to you.


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