Stop Empathizing with Trump Voters

If I have to read another 1000 word think piece about how important it is to have empathy for Trump supporters, I am going to vomit. Fortunately, I am able to exercise some discretion over which links I click upon. So, I will most likely be able to avoid this particular source of nausea, but, seriously, the fact that we should have empathy, or at least compassion, for any given group of people is pretty obvious, and I don’t see how writing down obvious things qualifies one to contribute to the New York Times (Writing down obvious things and knowing the editor maybe). Furthermore, I don’t see why empathy for Trumpistas is any more worthy of special attention than empathy for any other group of people, say, Hilary Clinton supporters or the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. This is especially true considering Trump voters are actually generally more affluent than Clinton voters. They may also be richer than Rockettes. I honestly have no idea, and, presently, I am too lazy to google it. Besides, I seriously doubt that Trump voters will benefit in any way from elite empathy. If they are at all interested in the emotive attitudes of the commentariat (which they probably aren’t), they are most likely more interested in respect than in empathy. They are, after all, adults, not children. Thus, I will treat them with the moral respect they deserve by holding them responsible for the consequences of their decisions and judgements, both good and ill. Right now, the most evident consequence of the choice made by my fellow citizens will be that the United States will be governed by an impulsive vindictive TV personality who is inexplicably unaware of the not infrequent irony of his chosen playlist( Heart of Stone!Really?). I confess that I am not optimistic about where this will end. I can only hope that my countrymen have been wiser than I in this matter.

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