The structure of his way of going about doing anything is loose and active. This allows for unprecedented change to occur fast. The checks and balances have been extreme as the moves and what they mean warrant in their potential magnitudes however, this makes way for a more powerful country in a fresher sense of keeping up with the times… if the President is powerful, can improve any relationships with any countries as long as there is not compromise where our values and needs are especially disproportionately, then the people keeping a more powerful President in check is the more powerful country… again, if he’s a heavier cat then as well the people keeping him in check are. If we cannot attempt to improve relations with other countries, that is one matter, but wouldn’t it be preferable to improve them if we can amend our side where we did ourselves wrong, sold ourselves short with previous policies, do we have an in, here, with Trump in power? When he goes far astray he hears about it, and there is reaction thus far… are the people going to give him so much power he has it all until they have nothing, likening here the tactics narcissists employ, the results they get? Is there some sort of promise to bare witness to with the President wording under oaths that we need to be able to trust going forward? Are these dangerous questions?

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