now the fact that im blank writting here and not on facebook

i always try to start my words via improvisation

what will i write about? where will i start? who will i influence?

who will read me? who will actually comment? am i a ghost in this town?

whose a true medium? who can read minds? are we all the same?

what is your biggest fear?


i would like to introduce myself

my name is james and i am self published writer. a film and stage actor. not so much lately i did do a play couple months ago to brush off the cobwebs, i work nightshift as a doorman in a luxurious building to pay the bills rent and i swim at the olympic pool. sleeping days is very hard , i lead a quiet life.

no women.

no booze

i smoke a doob once in a while

my mother passed 5 years ago after a 3 year bout with ovarian cancer

i will b celebrating my brothers birth day this year. same b day as robert deniro and im a long ways away from ending this story, my neck hurts

i havent made love to a woman in over 12 years and sometimes my neighbor whose retired makes noise and it gets me upset. the nightshift has taken its toll on me after i decided to go full fledge into martial arts at the age of 37 after training with george saint pierre at tri star gym montreal, i write for me and yes i write in broken sentences i write from the heart from the soul

not from the social conventions of a literary magazine…stretched my neck i listen to some eminem and wu tang clan , my friends call me skittlz.




i practice the art of aikibudo

ai= harmony


bu= courage

do= the path

going for blue belt then brown

then the big one

black belt

studying for the past 6 years im 43 years old

sometimes the word is like cememt

sometimes the word is like a feather

tonight im working from the intellect

maybe another night i work from purely the heart

yet can we isolate these two

group homes

broken home




and infidelity

are just a base of what went on

the front lines of my family

the shhhhhhhhhhhh

the quiet syndrome

the best

the worse

the evil

that penetrated



i was born to be a writer

i do what others dont

i communicate


one on one

i dont have big followers

when the subject is ready

the typewriter and paper will appear

have courage

be brave

eat well

sleep well

take notes


cry if you have too

hug a fucken tree

if no human is willing

there’s always a stray cat

listen to some good music

dance in the dark

punch a pillow

rainbows in a puddle, step on them like rippled effect

ah yes

the mythology of bruce !