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Imberhorne & Baldwins Neighbourhood Panel

The Council, together with other important service providers in the Imberhorne and Baldwins area, is working to ensure that the community can have a say in how services are delivered. There is still much work to be done — this is a relatively new way of working — but the Council hopes that Neighbourhood Panels will continue to be a valuable part of community life in the District.

All Panels are open for the public to participate in, and you will be very welcome to come and have your say ! Each Panel is made up of Parish, District and County Councillors along with community representatives invited to become panel members. Local residents are welcome to attend and raise their own issues of concern. At Neighgourhood Panel meetings there is discussion about local concerns such as crime, anti-social behaviour, health, environment, transport, highways, housing and children and young people’s issues. Decisions are made about which issues are most important to focus efforts on in the next 3 months. Each Panel also agrees what actions need to be completed between meetings and who will be responsible.

To date, ALL issues of concern which have been raised by local residents have been actioned.


Imberhorne & Baldwins Neighbourhood Panel — Who we are
 The idea originated from the Chairman and Secretary of the Imberhorne / Baldwins Neighbourhood Panel, Norman and Julie Mockford. They explained, “Our organisation aims to support any improvements in the Imberhorne / Baldwins area by reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and helping to create a better environment for our residents. We have successfully organised several projects since we formed two years ago that have been very well received in the town. This latest idea is to target scruffy places in our area that can be quickly improved with a bit of time and effort. Following our initial cleanup project we want to find out from residents in the Imberhorne and Baldwins area if there are other places in need of attention. By recruiting nearby residents to get involved we can recreate some long lost community spirit and pride.”