Generalist vs. Specialist

The biggest challenge in today’s Information Age is the balancing act of being a generalist with the act of being a specialist.

The problem with being a specialist is that one begins to know more and more about less and less.

The generalist, on the other hand, works to know less about more.

In my opinion, too many people focus on specialization over generalization. However, many people exist who need to gain more specialist skills in a particular area, and for professions like being a lawyer, doctor, or engineer, it still makes sense to dive deep into specialist knowledge to gain the required mental models for each respective job.

The main thing I think people need to work on intellectually nowadays, is checking their own mental frameworks and seeing if their philosophies in each specific subject accord with one another in value, and examine the connections between each subject.

In today’s world it’s easier than ever to become a generalist thanks to the internet.

We now have free online classes with websites like Coursera and YouTube. Paid online courses also exist, like Udemy. Not to mention, Wikipedia has a vast amount of knowledge stored about human history.

Thanks to all this intellectual opportunity at our fingertips on today’s technology I believe that the people who are intellectual will be able to achieve a great multitude more than generations past, of thanks to the fast sorting of data.