Manners vs. Political Correctness

You’re in line at Starbucks discussing hurricane Irma with your friend about why you don’t think the government should subsidize rebuilding of properties that keep getting destroyed. “It’s mindless spending that makes a few taxpayers happy in the short run and practically every taxpayer worse off in the long run” you berate to your friend, in a mannerly way.

All of a sudden the person behind you gasps in astonishment, “How dare you say such a thing in public! That’s entirely politically incorrect and offends me. Please keep those “philosophical” ideas to yourself!”

You’re baffled. Why would someone be so offended about you’re political opinion? Do you have bad manners, or are you just being… politically incorrect?

I think in a situation like this that you are in no way shape or form behaving with bad manners.

Bad manners are something that a person from any belief/political system in a culture would ridicule, whereas I think that political incorrectness only seems like bad manners if you disagree with a person politically.

This, political correctness is basically a specialist category of manners- being politically incorrect can make you appear to have bad manners if in front of the wrong people, but in front of the right people you would be cherished for speaking the truth about something unpopular.