Saying goodbye to the squad.

Well… I’m sad to say it but it comes with a heavy heart to announce that I left my position of Junior Front-End Web Developer at PawSquad on the 7th August after joining the team in November last year.

Joining the PawSquad family has been a journey that I will not forget anytime soon and has been a rollercoaster of jubilation, success and classic start up problems. The things that I’ve learnt since the start have proven to be invaluable and I genuinely think I have made some life-long friends along the way too.

On a mor positive note… what does make me super happy is to say that I’ll be joining the amazing team at Butternut Box ( as one of their Junior Front-End Developers in just a few days!

It’s going to be a huge step for me in my career in terms of working in a new location, working in a much bigger team and moving into a different space in the animal world. Although on paper, I’ve technically only been a developer for just over 6 months, it’s a great feeling to know that others believe in me and my passion and I just can’t wait to join like minded people and grow my skills even further. Plus as a bonus, I get to work with one of my fave PawSquad-ies again (you know who you are ;) ).

So, I mentioned “classic start up problems” earlier didn’t I? From my albeit short stint in my first start up and hearing it from well seasoned employees, start ups are never easy going and getting a business from an idea to a breaking even money making machine is a monumentally difficult task. These difficulties are fundamentally what led me to my departure. It is also the reason for why many of my favourite co-workers to date also made the same decision to leave the company for bigger and brighter oppurtunitues.

A lot has changed behind the scenes at PawSquad in the last 4 months and PawSquad now has a some-what different direction and motive from when it was first conceived. We’ve had a tricky few months as a company with controversial management decisions and as I mentioned, staff leaving which has sadly ended up with a company that feels and looks different from what it once was.

One thing that I will take away with me though is something that I’ve always believed in from working in both large and small companies.

Build a killer team who feel like family with each other. Then, the work will naturally follow.

I cannot repeat this advice enough. I’ve seen it happen multiple times over the years and as soon as one person leaves (especially in a team of 6) the rest of the teams spirit seems to go out the door with them too.

Sadly, the family I joined last November had to go their separate ways but I’m sure they will all go onto achieve wonderful things. The team at PawSquad was one of the best I’ve ever worked with and it has been a privilege to work with people that know their craft 100% and are all great at what they do. I learnt so much from all of them and the lessons they’ve given me is something that I will keep with me always. So thank you, if one of you happen to be reading this…

All in all, there are a lot of exciting/scary things ahead of me at the moment and sure, there are going to be problems but I’m sure there are going to be even more successes too.

I can’t wait to get started at Butternut Box and fingers crossed… they can’t wait to have me too.

Junior Front-End Web Developer for Butternut Box. See what else I'm up to and working on at

Junior Front-End Web Developer for Butternut Box. See what else I'm up to and working on at